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Suspension Style: when all things can counter gravity, what is the next step? Sohu recently technology hardware business friends to send private messages to ask, the suspension of the product is easy to do? What are the technical bottlenecks? Because Mr. Geek seen too many hardware products, so, also did find recently suspended creative products and inventions and popular signs about heaven reincarnation, cheat end and again. Suspended home, but also a kind of interest in the suspension of the suspension of the light bulb is a popular product in the home, can float up the principle is very simple, that is common on the phone: Flyte! Line! Charge! Electric! If you store Huaqiang North, yo Flyte construction Geek Jun take you to this kind of product is very simple, and the shape of ordinary incandescent light bulbs have what difference. You just put it in the holder, it can float there, capacitive touch control switch on the lamp holder can you. Because there is no shade, light spread to conscientiously do a public, may the brightness is not enough, the maximum brightness of 60 lumens. Flyte lamp made of elm, hidden magnet and inductance coil, and can be suspended and wireless charging. The wireless charging base can also charge the phone, however, the built-in magnet can not suspend the weight of a mobile phone. Air Bonsai is a suspension of another interesting suspension home products, floating in the air in the pot and the bottom of the magnetic base. The diameter of the magnetic base is about 6cm, the weight is about 311g. The general version is composed of a magnetic suspension base flowerpot, a power adapter and a round moss ball wrapped around the plant. Of course, if you think the ordinary moss ball is not beautiful enough, you can choose to pay the extra cost to replace the volcanic rock to create a small pot to plant. In the choice of materials and the production process is also particularly outstanding. R & D team provides a variety of different colors, styles of magnetic suspension base pots to choose from. It is worth mentioning that each of the different styles of flower pots are completely handmade, only in this part of the time spent more than three months. The most important thing is that the plants in Air Bonsai need to be watered and maintained regularly as well as the common plants. After all, hanging in the air is a living plant, not a decoration. Suspension of traffic, but not the high iron Lexus research and development of superconducting technology using SLIDE suspension skateboard surly, using superconducting materials like "YBCO", can be at -196 DEG C for resistance to zero, this will not happen in which current propagation loss. The liquid nitrogen in the slide plate is used for the cooling of the superconducting material, and the boiling point of the liquid nitrogen at atmospheric pressure is just -196 DEG C. This is also explained why the slider suspension with smoke effects. Reach out to feel, it is suspended to try to step up, the speed is too fast to live hold相关的主题文章: