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Syria humanitarian aid convoy Attack Coalition UAV in the original title: Russian military: Syria humanitarian aid convoy Attack Coalition UAV is located in the local time on September 20, 2016 to the incident, the Syria military in September 19th unilaterally announced a seven day ceasefire ended, Aleppo immediately suffered repeated air strikes. A team to deliver aid to the card team in Western Aleppo was hit by shells, killing 21 people in a news agency in Moscow in September 21, (reporter Wang Xiujun) according to the proposed United States "Russian air strikes in Syria UN convoy", the evening of 21 local time, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said that when the attack occurred in the incident, the US led coalition forces using predator uav. Syria Red Crescent, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Federation of the joint statement issued on 20, a truck is composed of many humanitarian aid convoys and Syria Red Crescent in a warehouse on the evening of 19 attacks, resulting in a red crescent staff and 20 civilians were killed. After the accident, U.S. Vice President of national security adviser Rhodes said publicly that the Russian air strikes may be the United Nations humanitarian aid convoys. In this regard, the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J said in a statement the evening of 21, the Russian military has never been attacked in the UN convoy area, the attack has nothing to do with the Russian air force syria. Russian Air Force Base in Mihm, the air force headquarters on behalf of the United States Air Force headquarters in the u.s.. Kona Schenker J said that the night of the incident, the Russian side to monitor a flight from the Turkey air force base to take off at the speed of 200 kilometers an hour appeared in the United Nations convoy attack area. According to the Russian air traffic control system identification, the UAV is the United States led by the United States to use the predator uav. The UAV can be launched on the ground floor of the high-precision strike. The drone fleet in the explosion a few minutes before the team flew into the area, and in about 30 minutes to fly away from the incident. Kona Schenker J said that at present, Russia’s "blind bombing in Syria" unwarranted accusations are rapidly increasing. The purpose is to confuse the public, transfer of international attention, at the same time the United States and Syria cover distinguish moderate opposition extremist terrorist organizations about incompetence in Syria. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: