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Taiwan media: mainland tourists remove duty-free goods lost package on the infamous Jeju International Airport Airport South 3 floor is littered with plastic bags and boxes China tourists removed duty-free goods after packing. (picture from the "Korea Times") original title: Taiwan media: mainland tourists remove duty-free goods throw packing Han airport on the infamous Taiwan media said South Korea Cheju Airport recently staged a spectacular scene, mainland tourists in the boarding gate outside packing, the packing demolition of duty-free goods and readily thrown on the ground, leaving rubbish everywhere. Taiwan United News Network quoted the South Korean Times reported on November 4th, 3, South Korea’s Jeju International Airport, the ground floor of the ground filled with mainland tourists after the removal of duty-free goods packaging carton and plastic bags left behind. The report pointed out that mainland tourists to buy duty-free goods at the airport, in order to reduce the size and weight of luggage, to comply with the provisions of the boarding, on the spot to tear the outer packing under the duty-free goods, rubbish will be discarded. Airport cleaning staff rushed forward, please use the airport trash, also provide garbage bags to tourists discarded cartons and plastic bags, and other extra three cleaning staff to support clean up. Jeju international airport officials told the media that when tourists began to remove the packaging on the spot, the staff came forward to remind you can use trash, but they left a lot of garbage left behind. The official said, do not rule out the rules in the future, airport disposable garbage tourists may face fines. Source: Reference News Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: