Taiyuan Public Security Bureau no major public security disaster occurred during the holiday-tokyo hot n0476

Taiyuan City Public Security Bureau: major security accident occurred during the holiday Shanxi evening news (reporter Xin Ge correspondent Yang Yuyu) today, the Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau to the community bulletin, 2016 National Day period, the city’s no major security disasters, social order remained stable, capital of the people to celebrate National Day in peace and harmony. According to the 110 police service center statistics, October 1st 0 to October 7th 12, the city received a total of criminal police intelligence 959, down 17%; public security police intelligence 3007, down 5%; robbery and theft alarm 875, down 16%; usually above 9 road traffic accidents fell. 50%. Taiyuan City Public Security Bureau, responsible person, to fully protect the capital of the people celebrate the festival, the city’s public security organs in crowded places as the focus, strengthen street patrol prevention, strengthen the case analysis, the maximum cloth police street, precision effectively combat all kinds of criminal activities. Patrol detachment increase patrol prevention and control of key areas, the downtown areas, tourist attractions and other areas, police were deployed nearly 400 passengers, vehicles more than 100 times. Take the branch directly under the second armed patrol and plainclothes pocketing a combination of work and carry out patrols prevention and control of key line, an important period, arrested 12 offenders. Fire department to strengthen the various types of public places of entertainment, flammable and explosive places of fire hazard investigation, strict regulation of fire violations and major fire hazards.相关的主题文章: