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The largest earthquake China giant stone relief debut in Hebei Tangshan (Figure) – the new network for 2 days, written by the famous artist Cheng Biao huge stone relief "no party will be no" debut in Hebei Tangshan. Fu Lidong photo Beijing, Tangshan, November 2, (Fu Lidong 2, Baiyun water) by the earthquake Tangshan earthquake survivors, the theme of the famous artist Cheng Biao created a huge stone relief "no party will be no" debut at the Hebei Tangshan Tangshan earthquake center of Guye fushan. The painting is located in the city of Guye District Fushan 728 works Memorial Plaza, 60 meters long, 5 meters high, a total of more than and 100 scenes, depicts dozens of characters, all materials used in granite carving, the content is divided into three parts, the main Tangshan reconstruction, middle relief "without the Communist Party there is no home for eye-catching, it also reflects the theme of the works. The two part is the Tangshan self-help and support of the people across the country, the theme is: Tangshan people will never forget the kindness of the party and people. Cheng Biao in "Tangshan earthquake victims" about the identity of the creative experience. Cheng Biao said that the work tells the people, the 40 years after the Tangshan earthquake, people should not forget this history, to be grateful to the world, the courage to face life. According to reports, highly Chinese works by the famous artist Hou Yimin, the creator and producer of tenacious fighting spirit of Tangshan, round the clock, but also by the local people praise, and become the ancient rule to District People’s earthquake victims "holy land". Cheng Biao is vice chairman of China Coal Mine Artists Association, President of Tangshan oil painting research association. Cheng Biao attaches great importance to the creation and realistic art, dedicated to the creation and promotion of oil painting, and pro artist, painter Hou Yimin, carving art in the field of many achievements, the Fushan sculpture, he is one of the many excellent works. The project lasted more than three months to complete. 40 years ago, Hebei, Tangshan has taken place in the world famous Tangshan earthquake, and now the city has become a model of China’s heavy industrial city transformation. (end)相关的主题文章: