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UnCategorized Blogging is be.ing the hottest trend today. Businesses have also incorporated them to use to get the attention of more customers and prospects. For the internet marketer, blogs are an easy .munication tool to enhance your online credibility and trust among customers. Besides that, blogs make it much easier for people to locate you online and .municate with you. Most of the time, blogs are setup and then abandoned because of the time involved in constantly keeping them updated with new fresh content. And time is one thing that professionals do not have so much of. The result may not seem apparent in the beginning but it will be later on. There are a couple of things you can do to make your blog work best for you, instead of you working for your blog. Once you learn these techniques, it should only take you 20 minutes a day to post successfully. But I will also advise you that additional time should be spent on reading and .menting on your blog and other blogs on the internet. Doing this you will get to keep current customers and find potential new prospects. Here are my ten ways to make your blogging more successful: 1. Always write important and original content. You might also want to narrate and share stories to point out your knowledge and wisdom. Never forget how telling your readers how you deal with clients. Let your readers know the value of what you are offering. Always make it easy for them to contact you should they have further questions about your services. 2. Post something new two or three times a week. Posts do not have to be very long articles. Short articles are ok as long as there is value to the reader. 3. Provide links to other useful resources on your blog. This is very important if you want to build traffic expanding your target market. You can research online for topics to post that is related to your niche. Write out .ments on other blogs and let them know that you are spending time reading about them so they know that you are always available. 4. You need to submit all your blogs to blog directories and do trackbacks. If you don’t know how, get the help of someone that is an expert in this field. There are also blog tutorials available to read on other sites. You can also download many e-books on blogging and learn new tricks. 5. Keep track of who is visiting your blog. Set up a stat counter so you can see who has been reading your posts. This will also help you find out if you are getting repeat visitors to your blog. 6. Make a list of all the products and services you offer. Check to make sure all your links are working correctly. Visitors can easily get turned off quickly clicking on a link to some site not related to your blog. If your blog has a shopping cart, you can use your affiliate links and ad tracking features for easy access. 7. Link your blog to your own website and vice-versa. It is better to have a different site dedicated to your blog than having one incorporated to your website. Having it separately increases your chances of getting more and varied types of visitors. Why do your advertising in one when you can do it in many ways. 8. Blogs should not be a big sales page. Readers are smarter these days and can sense marketing from afar. If this happens, they will not be lose interest in continuing on because they do not want to be sold to. They encounter those things everyday online so spare them the suffering. 9. Remember to tag the end of your blog posts with keywords. Social bookmarking sites like Technorati pick up tags from your blogs and bring your blog traffic. This is quickly be.ing the hottest trend in blogging, to learn how to tag just do a google search or browse some forums. It’s an easy technique that can bring you a ton of targeted traffic. 10. Have patience. There are some blogs that work right away but many of them take time. Keep on updating consistently but do not expect instant results to .e in. Just sit back and think of other techniques you can use to your blogs to make it more successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: