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Tesla "irresponsible" owners to use automatic driving function – Auto Sohu lethal lead: Recently, CCTV13 channel "rule of law online" program, reported in the march of this year occurred in Beijing the accident on the highway, a Tesla Model S rear road sweeper LED driver died on the spot. This led to a wide discussion on Tesla Autopilot, Tesla recently invited some experts to interpret! As a responsible car, Mahone writing this article, as far as possible from the industry "rules", the automobile product development and general principles of reference to the regulations on Tesla "irresponsible" behavior "the count counts"! "Crimes": the use of a universal guiding meaning to the word "Autopilot" to mislead consumers cognition after the media exposure of the Tesla "autopilot" hidden, Tesla insisted that its Autopilot is a kind of advanced driver assistance system ", rather than" Autonomous (independent and autonomous)". If you refer to the dictionary will English, and Mahone, see the "Autopilot foundation" is the term "autopilot", civil aviation English vocabulary "autopilot" is the "autopilot" interpretation, and "autopilot" and "automatic navigation" interpretation, but in any case can not find "driver assistance" the interpretation. For example "Autopilot" commonly used 1:The aircraft scene: for example engines, autopilot, and navigation system are absolutely reliable. aircraft engines, autopilot and navigation system for 2:She talked and is absolutely reliable. He dozed and my mind went on autopilot. in her talk with eloquence he took a nap, have dizzy spells, and my mind is free fly. Thus, Autopilot is widely accepted and cognitive meaning is "automatic" instead of "auxiliary". The term "Advanced Driver System", which is widely used in the automotive industry, is referred to as "ADAS Assistant"". Two: "crimes" propaganda wantonly use "autopilot" words to mislead consumers into the "Le Rio speed car sales (Beijing) Co., Ltd." official micro-blog (micro signal teslacnwx), you can see the official WeChat Tesla in the public number of articles, "in the media exposure before, in the position of a large number of" significant "the use of" autopilot "as a propaganda point, according to the official WeChat Mahone public number of articles published on time, Tesla through" software upgrade "launched the" automatic driving "made a comb, as follows: (by the way tell about Corrientes network相关的主题文章: