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The textile and garment industry into a weak recovery stage — fashion — people.com.cn original title: textile and garment industry into a weak recovery phase _ produced by dynamic _ card network in August 18th, the statistics of media in Shanghai and Hongkong stock market 67 textile clothing listed companies released the 2016 semi annual report, statistics show: the first half of the 67 textile and apparel companies revenue over one hundred billion yuan, according to industry experts Li Jie analysis said, at present, the textile and garment industry has been the worst period of the past, into a weak recovery stage of industry adjustment period. On the same day, 2015 to 2016 year China circulation branch hosted new clothing brand awards ceremony and 2016 China clothing brand growth conference held in Chongqing by the Federation of China textile industry, to encourage enterprise brand innovation, enhance brand innovation and brand market development ability, promote the development process of small and medium sized clothing brand enterprises. In 2016 13th Five-Year, is "the first year" supply side reforms "strategy has become the main theme of the new round of economic restructuring. The textile and garment industry is a typical traditional industry, put forward by the central government to production, to inventory, to leverage, to reduce cost, make a short board, improve the productivity factor supply side structural reform, each job can correspond, in the textile and garment industry, the supply side reform of textile clothing industry when starting from where? Chinese clothing brand growth conference, industry experts, the "three" strategy will be suitable for the construction of the demand structure of the supply system, to achieve a new path of development of textile and garment enterprises in the new period as soon as possible. China Textile Industry Association vice president, circulation branch president Xia Lingmin said that in the current economic situation, the transformation of textile and apparel professional market upgrade will continue to increase brand development, to guide enterprises to strengthen the quality of attention, through quality and improve service, improve the level of development of brand enterprises, enhance the enterprise’s operation and management efficiency. Brand development is inseparable from the cultivation of the market, the same, the development of the market can not be separated from the support of the brand. As an important part of the strategy of textile power, promoting brand building is an important measure to achieve the transformation and upgrading of China’s textile and garment industry. According to Xia Lingmin introduction, zhongfanglian flow – will insist for a long time to guide small and medium-sized clothing enterprises in China take the brand development path, since 2010, launched the "China clothing brand growth evaluation work, has been recommended to the industry Chinese clothing brand growth of 460, China clothing brand excellent channel 169. 2016 year, there are more than 89 brand enterprises in the year of the "Chinese clothing brand", the 30 channel access to the year 2016, China’s excellent brand of clothing channels". As an important part of Chinese clothing brand, only by enhancing the degree of brand growth of garment enterprises, foster a number of development strength of garment enterprises to grow up, only with the help of the power industry, the collaborative brand incubator, creating a rapid growth channel, to jointly promote the development of small and medium-sized clothing brands, in order to more effectively promote me the growth of the brand clothing enterprises process. (Jiang Qi, commissioning editor: Li?)相关的主题文章: