The 5g era is coming, and you can download a high-definition movie in seconds-pretty rhythm

5G is coming a few seconds to download a high-definition movie 5G era is coming, a few seconds to download a high-definition movie China 5G promotion group recently revealed that the domestic 5G technology has now completed the first phase of the experiment, the key technology of 5G wireless network and the main performance test has been completed, will be officially announced in 2018 the first version of the 5G standard. 3G download speed is the highest 384Kb per second, 4G download speed is the highest per second 100Mb, and 5G download speed is the highest 10Gb per second, theoretically, 5G network speed will be 4G times, just a few seconds you can download a high-definition film. The RMB was formally included in the SDR currency basket, and in October 1st, the RMB formally joined the IMF (IMF) special drawing rights (SDR) basket. The renminbi became the fifth "basket" currency after the dollar, the euro, the yen and the pound, and it was the only emerging economy in the new SDR basket. RMB becomes a free world currency. In the new currency basket, the weight of RMB is 10.92%, and the weights of US dollar, euro, yen and pound are 41.73%, 30.93%, 8.33% and 8.09% respectively. The central bank said the yuan in SDR is the milepost of internationalization of the RMB, is to Chinese the achievement of economic development and financial sector reform and opening up the positive results, contribute to the enhancement of SDR representation, stability and attractiveness, but also conducive to advancing the reform of the international monetary system. Full coverage of nutrition improvement plan next year, 39 poor counties in Hebei children can enjoy the start of this year, according to the Ministry of education, rural compulsory education to improve student nutrition plan to expand the pilot work, in 2017 to achieve the nutrition improvement plan national poverty counties full coverage. The local pilot funds should be included in the local financial budget guarantee, and the central government will give incentive subsidies. 39 poor counties in the province [Xingtang County and Lingshou County, Zanhuang County, Pingshan County, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County County, Weixian, Lincheng, Daming County, Julu County, New River County, Guangzong County, Pingxiang County, Weixian County, Tangxian County, Fuping County, Laiyuan County, Shunping County, Zhangbei County, Kangbao County, Guyuan County, Shangyi County, Weixian County, Yangyuan County, Huai’an County, Chicheng District, Wanquan county and Chongli District, Pingquan County, Luanping County, Longhua County, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, Weichang Manchu Mongolian Autonomous County, Haixing County, Yanshan County, Nanpi County, Wuyi County, Wuqiang County, Raoyang County, Fucheng County, Zhuolu (Zhao Jia Peng County District) children] will enjoy this benefit. The next UN Secretary General is his local time on October 6th, the United Nations Security Council formally vote to vote by acclamation form through the recommendation of former Prime Minister of Portugal, the former United Nations High Commissioner for refugees Antonio · Guterres as the next Secretary General of the United nations. The General Assembly election vote, formally appointed by resolution. And former Secretary General of the United Nations for methods are different, this is the United Nations for the first time in the open competition way to the selection of the Secretary general. Since April of this year, 8 candidates have been elected.

5G时代即将来临 几秒就可下载一部高清电影   5G时代即将来临,几秒就可下载一部高清电影   中国5G推进组近日透露,国内5G技术目前已经完成了第一阶段的实验工作,5G无线和网络关键技术主要性能测试已经完成,2018年将正式公布首个版本的5G标准。   3G下载速度是最高每秒384kb,4G下载速度是最高每秒100Mb,而5G的下载速度是最高每秒10Gb,理论上来说,5G的网速将是4G的百倍,只需几秒钟就可以下载一部高清电影。   人民币正式纳入SDR货币篮子   10月1日,人民币正式加入国际货币基金组织(IMF)特别提款权(SDR)货币篮子。人民币成为继美元、欧元、日元和英镑之后第五种“入篮”货币,并且是新SDR篮子中唯一的新兴经济体货币。人民币成为可自由使用的世界货币。   新的货币篮子中,人民币权重为10.92%;美元、欧元、日元、英镑权重分别为41.73%、30.93%、8.33%、8.09%。   央行表示,人民币纳入SDR是人民币国际化的里程碑,是对中国经济发展成就和金融业改革开放成果的肯定,有助于增强SDR的代表性、稳定性和吸引力,也有利于国际货币体系改革向前推进。   营养改善计划明年全覆盖,河北39个贫困县的孩子都可享受   据教育部,今年启动农村义务教育学生营养改善计划扩大地方试点工作,2017年实现营养改善计划国家扶贫开发重点县全覆盖。地方试点所需资金纳入地方财政预算保证,中央财政将给予奖励性补助。   我省39个贫困县[行唐县、灵寿县、赞皇县、平山县、青龙满族自治县、大名县、魏县、临城县、巨鹿县、新河县、广宗县、平乡县、威县、阜平县、唐县、涞源县、顺平县、张北县、康保县、沽源县、尚义县、蔚县、阳原县、怀安县、万全区、赤城县、崇礼区、平泉县、滦平县、隆化县、丰宁满族自治县、围场满族蒙古族自治县、海兴县、盐山县、南皮县、武邑县、武强县、饶阳县、阜城县、(涿鹿县赵家蓬区)]的孩子都将享受这项福利。   下一任联合国秘书长是他   当地时间10月6日,联合国安理会正式投票,以鼓掌表决的形式一致通过推荐葡萄牙前总理、联合国前难民事务高级专员安东尼奥·古特雷斯为下一任联合国秘书长。联大将择日投票,以决议形式正式任命。   和以往联合国秘书长人选产生办法有所不同,这一次是联合国首次以公开竞聘的方式遴选秘书长。从今年四月至今,8名候选人已通过多轮“面试”,最后古特雷斯胜出。   现任联合国秘书长潘基文的任期将在今年年底届满,新一任联合国秘书长将在2017年1月上任。相关的主题文章: