The Australian and British members called on the suspension of trade negotiations or hurt the

The Australian and British members called on the suspension of trade negotiations or hurt feelings of the original title: European EU members called on the Australian FTA negotiations with Britain suspended or hurt the feelings of the new network on 9 September, according to Australian news report, the Australian Trade Minister Xi Aobo and foreign minister Bishop 8 in Belgium the European Parliament’s foreign affairs and Trade Commission speech in order to accelerate, Australia and Europe signed a free trade agreement (FTA) process, and expects to open negotiations next year. However, members of the European Parliament asked Australia to suspend negotiations with Britain’s free trade, and worried that the EU and the United Kingdom will be due to Australia’s trade agreements with each other. As Australia is about to open negotiations with Britain’s FTA process, the European Parliament complained that the move would undermine the already planned Australian – EU free trade agreement. The EU has not yet opened the process of opening the UK is still a member of the eu. I had 8 aubstadt announced that Australia and Britain will build a "bilateral trade working group", in order to open the talks between the two countries program. However, the UK is still a member of the EU, it should not be similar negotiations. Martin, a member of the European Parliament in Scotland, said he did not think it was a very satisfactory situation. He and Bishop attended the Council seats aubstadt said: "I have to say I’m a little worried about the situation now, Australia in the definition and scope of negotiations to establish consultation with the EU, and another round of talks with the British counseling scope definition. But Britain is still one of the EU member states." He continued: "I do not know whether the two FTA negotiations can be carried out at the same time. If Australia is the trade negotiations with the British, you can also say "(Australia), Britain is so promised us", but you did not say so. Although I am a member of the United Kingdom, I suggest you do not engage in negotiations with the British trade, but concentrate on negotiations with the eu." The European Parliament conservative lawmakers also agree with Martin’s tan. He believes that the FTA negotiations between Australia and the United Kingdom must be officially removed from the EU in the UK before. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: