The autonomous region of rural credit cooperatives on the people’s livelihood loans 24 billion 400 m-t6670

Since the autonomous region of rural credit cooperatives on the people’s livelihood loans 24 billion 400 million yuan – Inner Mongolia Channel – this year, the region’s rural credit cooperatives to thoroughly implement the national and autonomous regions related to the development of inclusive financial arrangements, and constantly improve the coverage rate and the degree of satisfaction of financial services, as of the end of September, the region’s rural credit cooperatives invested in the people’s livelihood loans 24 billion 400 million yuan, the balance of 47 billion 100 million yuan. The rural credit cooperatives around the rural areas and pastoral areas infrastructure construction, increase rural and pastoral reconstruction of dilapidated houses, affordable housing projects, new rural new pastoral areas and small towns construction, grassland ecological protection and construction, rural and pastoral areas of public services in the field of credit. Around the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and strive to meet young rich leaders, Party members, students and women entrepreneurs, migrant workers and migrant workers, the disabled, poor students, science and technology correspondent rural employment and other social groups focus on credit demand, and constantly improve the professional level of financial services. Continue to carry out "thousands of households, visit 10000 households" activities, and constantly improve service quality and efficiency, expand service coverage. Using new technology and developing new products, improve the convenience of financial services for relocated immigrants, low cultural people and remote mountain areas. (Zhang Huiling) (commissioning editor Liu Ze and Ceng Xiaoqiang)

自治区农村信用社投放民生领域贷款244亿元–内蒙古频道–人民网 今年以来,全区农村信用社深入贯彻落实国家及自治区有关发展普惠金融工作部署,不断提高金融服务覆盖率和满意度,截至9月末,全区农村信用社累计投放各项民生领域贷款244亿元,余额达471亿元。 全区农信社围绕农村牧区基础设施建设,加大农村牧区危房改造、保障性安居工程、新农村新牧区和小城镇建设、草原生态保护和建设、农村牧区公共服务领域的信贷投放力度。围绕大众创业、万众创新,努力满足青年致富带头人、党员、大学生和妇女创业、进城务工以及返乡农民工、贫困学生、残疾人、科技特派员农村创业就业等社会重点群体信贷需求,不断提高金融服务专业化水平。 持续开展“走千家、访万户”活动,不断提升服务质效,扩大服务覆盖面。利用新技术、开发新产品,提高搬迁移民、低文化人群、边远山区群众金融服务便利性。(张慧玲) (责编:刘泽、曾晓强)相关的主题文章: