The Bank of England governor Carney this week or the future tendency to stay until 8 years

The Bank of England governor Carney this week or the tendency to stay until the expiration of 8 years or U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes FX168 News warrants despite sound hope he can leave before the end of his term, the governor of the Bank of England or Carney tend to choose to stay to eight years the end of the term. Carney was off the European referendum strongly support to stay in Europe, he said the central bank will decide whether to continue to stay in office until 2021 before the end of the current. His current departure time is mid 2018. Carney will announce his decision at the central bank’s quarterly press conference on Thursday. Carney is the first foreign central bank governor in British history, after he served as governor of the Bank of canada. The British "Financial Times" reported that Carney is ready to stay for at least eight years of decision. BBC also said that the people around Carney tend to stay for eight years instead of five years left. However, these reports and many reports said last weekend, Carney took office in 2018 tend to view. "Sunday times" said that Carney was the British Prime Minister of the cabinet may be dissatisfied, and he was reaching out to him the former UK Chancellor Osborn befriend, and Hammond and the then British finance minister (Hammond) with. Earlier this month, Mr Carney, who had criticised the bank’s low interest rate policy, provoked a comeback, saying he would not listen to politicians. Expected Carney will discuss with Mei and Hammond before making a final decision. Last week, Carney said the future will be built on the resolution on the personal will and non political consideration. Carney is still due to a serious warning before the referendum in June 23rd on the consequences of the removal of Europe, and was denounced by the pro European camp. Proof: Star editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章: