The big art exhibition of young artists award 2014-2015 Guangzhou – in the opening of the new networ-pullip

The big winners of 2014-2015 art exhibition of young artists in the opening of Guangzhou – new large art exhibition of young artists award 2014-2015. Suo Youwei photo Beijing, September 20 Guangzhou Xinhua (reporter Suo Youwei) as the first domestic brand promotion Youth Art Expo, University (Guangzhou) Art Fair (referred to as big art) held in December 2016 will usher in the fifth session of the. In September 20th, big art articles 10 outstanding young artists in Guangzhou Huayi Gallery held 2014-2015 award-winning art exhibition of young artists, this is the Organizing Committee of the exhibition held in China following the Beijing 798 Art District Bridge art space after the second station. It is reported that this exhibition in Beijing, Guangzhou and North Shunde held three?. In recent years, with the needs of economic restructuring, sinking trend China bottoming art market, this trend will undoubtedly promote the formation of the layered structure of the art market. Show as the biggest art national art graduates, the construction of art has been committed to the promotion of youth art and art market at the bottom of the Chinese health, is committed to building the city not only meet the aesthetic needs of middle-class families, but also the pursuit of academic youth art creation group event. The exhibition is the art years of successful operation of Youth Art Fair brand, to show academic pursuit. According to organizers, the exhibition to "zero poly state" as the theme, the participating artists for 2014 third, 2015 fourth large art prize of young artists, they were born in the last century after the mid 80s, grew up in the rich material society, a complete training system, at the same time, they try to remain independent in their own judgment brought, and efforts to find their own way of expression. Their most creative theme, and choose more or less reality and deliberately keep a distance, or the removal of fragments, or allegorical poetic reconstruction. It is reported that this exhibition has a total of 50 pieces of works in the exhibition, Chinese painting, oil painting, category involving sculpture, photography, multimedia, in addition, is the exhibition special provision "walking England" display unit, the unit works for artists in the art and art museum under the auspices of the organization and complete, Britain plans to make felt. According to organizers, since 2012 the first big art since each Expo is big art outstanding young artist award, to encourage more academic exploration and innovation works into the expo. The academic review committee award by the Institute responsible person, famous artists, critics and art institutions responsible for independently. After the great art academic accreditation committee, to a total of 50 artists to receive this honor. (end)相关的主题文章: