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Business Did someone say "wealth secrets?" I don’t know about you, but for years I tried to figure out the wealth secrets. I kept my eyes and mind open to anything that might have words like, "wealth secrets" or "double your in.e" or "get out of debt" in the introduction. So, I have been around quite a lot to hear about quite a few wealth secrets. The one "secret" that seems to be the most .mon is the law of attraction. When you stop all negative thinking, you tend to prosper more. You have to realize what is important to you in your life. Recognize what you love and eliminate things that are stressors. Most of the time, stress occurs when you think that you don’t have the resources available to over.e a challenge. Some types of stress are great. It gets your body moving and helps you ac.plish the end goal. When you start to feel like the stress is not something you can handle, think about what you can do to eliminate it. These things can even be delegated to someone else. Most of the time, these stressors are a matter of perception. For example, I hate doing the books at my work. For years, I went ahead and did everything myself. I would stay late in the office trying to wear all the hats even though I didn’t want to. My relationship with my two daughters and my wife started to suffer. Eventually, I ended up in a divorce. When I realized that I could hand some of these jobs over to someone else that excels at it and then concentrate my efforts on the things I’m good at, I started ac.plishing my main mission in life. I wanted to be a good family man and an educator. Wealth was just a byproduct. If you can’t delegate or eliminate then you need to find a way to cope with the stress. Really, the best way is to change the way you think. Here are some of the most .mon negative thinking patterns that make your life more difficult: Instead of, "I can’t run a marathon," try, "I can run three miles." Take the "you" out and replace it with "I". So, "You don’t listen to me," changes to, "I’d like to make clear what I was trying to tell you." Overgeneralization and exaggeration are .mon ones that don’t always get thought of as negative thought patterns. "I never get to go out." Or, "Most people don’t even notice the sign on the door." Another one is when you overanalyze. It seems no wonder that the middle of the word contains the word… Well, I think you can figure it out. Being overly analytical and critical is a bummer for you and the people around you. The biggest wealth secrets are that everyone carves their own path. The wealthier portion of our society does what they are good at and delegates the rest to other people. The way to achieve this end goal is to know what you love and keep a positive attitude. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: