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The bride wearing cosmetic contact lenses: don’t use the camera — Jiangsu Channel – original title in the studio shot: the bride to wear photo cosmetic contact lenses tips cosmetic contact lenses can be corrected visual acuity, but also can beautify the eyes, make your eyes brighter and more of God, so as to achieve the effect of beauty, the beauty of the many buddy artistic photos can choose to wear Shangmei. Beauty pupil to add a touch of color fashion, by the pursuit of more young people, more and more young people are also in contact with the United States pupil. The following Xiaobian give you ready to take pictures when the United States pupil wearing little common sense. A cosmetic contact lenses, wear is not recommended for use in the filming location again when wearing wedding. In general, people’s eyes in the light, there will be a bright spot, especially in the shooting, there will be several lanterns lighting lamp on new, but also take a lot of close range photos. If you wear a beautiful pupil, especially black, will affect the reflection of the eye, the bright spot can not shoot out, eyes will appear dull, a little fake, some close-up effect is not very good. While shooting is the natural light reflection point glasses of light will be weakened, and the exterior photos are generally one scene together, do not have too many facial features, so wear cosmetic contact lenses is not what problem. Two, to make the photos look natural, we recommend that you choose the color of the United States pupil glasses, Brown is the closest to our iris color. Some MM wearing gray color, but also more natural. Three, the best choice has been used in the United States pupil brand, so it is easier to adapt to other brands for the first time, it may take some time to adapt to wear it. The same brand of each product has the same characteristics, it is easy to use. Four, with the beauty of the pupil to match the care of the liquid, in case the eyes into the sand, you can rinse, to ensure eye health. (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: