The car 4S shop also have tricky to judge false car fault (video)

4S repair shop is also tricky to judge false car need to understand the car noise fault knowledge many owners of their family cars are very cherish, once there is a small problem to think quickly to fix small problems, for fear of lose, no repair lead to big problems. In fact, the car is not so delicate, sometimes a little problem is not really a problem, the phenomenon of false failures like one small problem, like the rest. This time to send repair is not only no effect, but also white money wronged. The following Xiaobian to tell you about the most common 4 false fault. 1, the engine oil has not changed for a long time on black, many owners think it is the quality of oil or oil filter out of the question. If there is no oil dispersant composition, then oil deterioration will lead to oil black; however if there is a pure oil decomposition agent composition, black oil should be black substance inside the engine carbon deposition and oxidation products generated. So it is very common to turn black oil, as long as the oil in the engine for some time, black is very normal. Oil replacement frequency is recommended every 5000 km or half replacement, of course if your car with a relatively high level of oil replacement frequency can also choose 8000 kilometers or half replacement. The details of the oil change are described in the user’s manual, the replacement cycle can be described in accordance with the manual. If you drive more traffic jams, or the car is often in high temperature, cold environment, which needs to shorten the oil replacement cycle some. 2, white smoke exhaust pipe or water is often the car owners will find white smoke, usually when the cold car smoke is more serious, is under the condition of not taking. This situation is caused by the gasoline in the water, in the cold car, gasoline engine fuel into the cylinder can not burn, resulting in water vapor causes white smoke phenomenon. When the temperature of the engine is improved, it will naturally disappear. If this overhaul is sent to the Big deal, but white smoke at the same time the engine does not run smoothly, the temperature rose to a certain extent, and white smoke, this is likely to produce engine cylinder gasket damage or water tank, this situation must be sent to the inspection or repair. Many owners think that the exhaust pipe water because of the occurrence of a fault, the car in fact, in the environment of low temperature of the exhaust pipe, water is normal, complete combustion of gasoline will produce water and carbon dioxide, and water into steam at high temperature, water vapor in the exhaust pipe and the muffler is condensed to form water. This situation is more likely to occur in a cold and humid environment. 3, the engine is serious or difficult to start some people to buy a new car, engine jitter is very serious, sometimes the fault indicator will light. In this case, many owners think that there is a problem with the quality of the car, in fact, it is not because the fuel is not clean, so that the oil supply system pollution or blockage. In this case, clean up the contaminated system in a timely manner, and then continue to add indicators of stable performance of gasoline and add a quantitative oil cleaner, so that the problem is solved. The car stays in a low temperature environment for a long time.相关的主题文章: