The doctor gave Jiaxing million female students to engage in investment she has money to travel arou-shuyue

The doctor gave Jiaxing million female students to engage in investment but she take money to travel around the world A Zhen and A Hua are junior high school students, after graduation have not met for a long time, the students will meet, A Hua took about one million, commissioned A Zhen to engage in investment. A Zhen took the money to travel around the world. Jane is 40 years old, Jiaxing native of Tongxiang, has been single, is not what a stable job. Earlier this year, a junior high school students at a party, Jane and A Hua meet, two people talk very speculative, A Hua is a large hospital doctors, income is not bad, Jane gave him the so-called investment business. In fact, Jane on investment YouBiKa is utterly ignorant of, she was interested in not YouBiKa, but A Hua in the hands of the bill. In May this year, A Hua turned fifty thousand to A Zhen, commissioned her to engage in investment. The first cast into the water did not see A Zhen, A Hua also called for additional investment. A Zhen: I say twenty thousand to forty thousand, I said I didn’t vote for the first time investment, otherwise I twenty-one thousand weeks to become forty thousand. Then he said that this is a few times the number of times up, after the money, then he said a little more like this. So, from May to August, although did not get a penny return, A Hua is like the evil, one after another to Jane is up to 1 million 60 thousand rmb. Police: when a sum of money you are trapped by each other, she will be in all sorts of excuses, such as their team to the way of investment, the investment that you would lead to the loss of all, or before you get your commitment to repay the way to trap the victim, the equivalent of persuasion or forced him to proceed to the next stage of the investment. Until A Hua’s wife found that the money is gone, the so-called investment is coming to an end. A Hua’s wife went to Jane for money, but Jane is stubborn, said the money in Youbi card, temporarily out. So A Hua’s wife had to call the police. The police investigation found that A Zhen A Hua brought here from 1 million 60 thousand, only more than 50 thousand of which are invested YouBiKa, another one million, all she was abroad for sightseeing tour, 1 million have spent it all. Police: the money she mainly used to some foreign travel, for example (UAE) Dubai, Thailand, South Korea and other places to travel, there is some food for personal consumption. Jane: Korea, Singapore, etc.. (go to a few countries?) Five countries. Currently, A Zhen suspicion of fraud, criminal detention by the police. Until now, she still hadn’t figured, why you want to go? A Zhen: he said to me, as long as this can ensure the safety of principal, he said the money could have continued to him, because he said it like this, I feel that the consciousness with the same loan. I think the principal, then as long as the principal back to him, let him make a little money on it, I did not expect to get up now to engage the public security organs said I suspected fraud. Any fool can understand, these about one million are for you to rely on what you are idle away in seeking pleasure, pay back the money? Because the money cheated light, A Hua couples in divorce, but Jane is estimated to be sued for years, unexpectedly, a gathering of students, two junior high school students has completely changed the fate of. A Zhen: now that this is the case, I’m sure.相关的主题文章: