The double Baoqiang Wang divorce case finally get rid of the idea that the tragic atmosphere (video)

The double Baoqiang Wang divorce case finally get rid of the idea that the tragic atmosphere? [Abstract] from August 14th to today, just half a month, the people watching this year (probably no one after the most striking one snag after another with no predecessors) Baoqiang Wang divorce battle or double divorce. Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong information Tencent (Tencent entertainment entertainment news paper report group) from August 14th to today, just half a month, the people watching this year (probably no one after the divorce with no predecessors) or double – striking one snag after another war divorce. From the baby at the angry divorce statement, he had to go to court to sue for divorce, then Ma Rong sued Baoqiang Wang for infringing the right of reputation, Ma Rong claimed that Baoqiang Wang kept mistress bestie, Song Zhe wife Yang Hui revealed more than and 100 master records open house, mixed with a variety of rumors, "evidence", and anti explosion material…… With a pot of bitter and spicy gossip feast. However, with a variety of materials are finished, all burst of argument are chewing over and over again, public opinion finally subsided, "Baoqiang Wang divorce" no longer occupy micro-blog hot search headlines, the whole story idea, sad atmosphere also gradually disappear. Baoqiang Wang and Liu Guoliang and Wang Nan were drying out the photo of Baoqiang Wang in August 26th, micro-blog drying out with Liu Guoliang, Wang Nan and Wang Nan’s husband Guo Bin at a party, to celebrate the Olympic spirit, which he published in the divorce statement after the first micro-blog. Two days later, Wang Nan’s husband, Guo Bin, and a group of photos of the sun with the home of the home of the group of photos of the meeting in the home, and then get together with her husband in the home together with the photos of the. In the picture of the baby while bearded, seemed a bit haggard, but still holding glasses, gnawing Steamed Buns, smile on his face, it seems that in with the crowd and said, don’t worry, the baby can smile in the face of all this! You know, last week also said that he "havoc" in Tianzhu set collapse. Yang Hui appeared on the other side of the courtroom, Yang Hui and Song Zhe’s divorce trial today, since after the incident broke Yang Hui has maintained a low-key debut, to attend the court. Previously circulated on the Internet photos, Yang Hui a long hair, but today she was short hair styling appeared, and black over the face, wearing a white T-shirt, black pants, fashion, simple and capable. The face of the media "round up", she also seemed very calm down the side of the brush mobile phone side through the crowd. After an hour of trial, Tencent entertainment reporter learned that Yang Hui said in court, although the marriage fails, I still believe in love." Although the truth of the matter has not yet fully surfaced, but the parties have been trying to come out, the crowd can really put down the heart. The next thing, the law itself. Song Zhe denied derailed Yang Hui still believe that love according to the known information, Yang Hui is the first to know about the matter with the derailment of the horse and the glory of Song Zhe. As early as July, she applied to the court to freeze the property of the Song Dynasty, 2 million 240 thousand, to prepare for divorce. Song Zhe and Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong map information in the event after fermentation, network transmission with Yang Huiceng Baoqiang Wang "Zhuojian Ma Ronghe Song Zhe, but Yang Hui’s lawyer Tan Yaoguang recently confirmed, this is a false message, Yang Hui never took Baoqiang Wang" sex ", the video of the girl is not Ma Rong. But Yang Hui or to the media exposure of the Song Zhe 109 night open house records and 21 hourly records, as evidence of Song Zhe derailed相关的主题文章: