The eighth time Chen Shuibian had 2 times to extend baowaijiuyi walking

The eighth time Chen Shuibian had 2 times to extend medical parole walking shot the original title: Taichung prison said Chen Shuibian illness did not improve   eighth extended medical parole allowed Chen Shuibian baowaijiuyi seventh extended the deadline for 4 days before the date of expiration, he was shot two times Kaohsiung people take a walk to the film, a lot of friends in Taiwan said that Chen Shuibian’s disease it looks good, you can go back to prison. But the Taichung prison said, the medical team to evaluate Chen Shuibian’s condition did not improve, apply to extend to eighth times, the extension will expire on February 4, 2017. Taichung prison, said the people of Kaohsiung took the storm caused by Chen Shuibian walking, the prison is not affected by any, because it involves the psychological and physiological flat, must be made by the professional medical team for accurate assessment. Taichung prison monthly regularly visit to South Chen Shuibian, the medical assessment report proposed by the medical team pointed out that his condition has not improved significantly, in line with the "fifty-eighth" Prison Law "in prison cannot be properly treated, they continue to receive treatment in the psychological and physiological. The Taichung prison reported the Ministry of Justice Department of corrections audit, approved by the Department of corrections Chen Shuibian eighth times to extend medical treatment of three months to February 4, 2017. People in wheelchairs or medical parole after nearly 2 years and the lawsuit is still waiting for Chen Shuibian since January 2015 Chen Shuibian baowaijiuyi, but he himself will often put forward to participate in the political activities of the public caused strong controversy, he often appears on the network "healthy normal" video, it is storm the topic continues. In June this year, Chen Shuibian to take the high-speed railway from Kaohsiung to Taipei Ketagalan foundation fundraising dinner, Taiwan media exposure display, high iron, Chen Shuibian has been unable to act normally, they need help to sit, and showing a handshaken very serious situation in front of the camera. However, the morning reporters squatting in front of Chen Shuibian’s house, but took him on crutches to walk the picture. Taiwan media have questioned Chen Shuibian, there were reporters sit wheelchair, reporters can not go, and see the lens to shake hands. In October 16th, Taiwan users upload photos in the photo only broke the news, Chen Shuibian took a crutch, need not helped others can walk, but the picture was the son of Chen Shuibian Chen Zhizhong criticized the "synthesis according to". But the users took the video stressed that not fraud, Chen Shuibian is walking in the video that was shot after shot to "not saved!" This video after being sent to the Internet, but also triggered a debate about whether Chen Shuibian malingering. At present, Chen Shuibian is still a number of lawsuits, but not because of Chen Shuibian health factors appear not yet confirmed. Include: 1. "High court" in the trial of state funds, 2. Two gold and 3 case of Cathay United. Abetting perjury, 4. The Taipei district court hearing the case on official documents, 5. Money laundering case. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: