The elderly experienced 6 hours after the rescue to wake up handwritten nurse did not eat (Figure)

The old man experienced 6 hours after the rescue to wake up writing, "the nurse did not eat" (Figure)   after the old man to the nurse to write a note. Original title: Shaanxi Xianyang a man through 6 hours of rescue after waking, handwritten "nurse did not eat a" Shaanxi Xianyang 7 years old through 6 hours of rescue came in the Xianyang Hospital of Yan’an University, with trembling hands on a piece of paper and wrote "the nurse did not eat" five words, then buy the families of patients for nurses the food. October 22nd to 23, "a rescue after waking seventy elderly trembling write five words, warm winter" medical workers inside the article sparked heated debate in the social platform, many users are touched by the mutual understanding between medical staff and patients. Net friend was deeply touched, in the circle of friends WeChat hot this matter. Xianyang Hospital of Yan’an University, director of cardiovascular medicine Wang Mingxin six ward told the surging news (October 21st), at nine in the morning, a more than and 70 year old Guo patients lose consciousness in the emergency examination, hospital emergency start Easy Access, were immediately sent to the rescue center examination of chest pain. The investigation of patients from left pulmonary atelectasis, pleural effusion amount, mediastinal shift caused by acute hypoxic encephalopathy, after 6 hours, 13 medical workers struggling to rescue, pulled the man back from death. The old man was admitted to the Xianyang Hospital of Yan’an University. The old man woke up for the first time, looking at the bed next to the nurse, with two fingers in the side of the mouth, the nurse asked the old man asked: "uncle, you are not tracheal intubation uncomfortable, let me give you take away?" The old man shook his head and pointed to the nursing records in the hands of the nurse, looked at the pen. Tian Mengyuan seems to understand the old man’s intention, put out the pen and paper to the old man’s hand, then the old man with trembling hand out "the nurse did not eat" five words. "At that time, the tears of the nurse came down, the colleagues of the Department saw this note are very touched. In the doctor-patient relationship is more intense today, is indeed a rare positive energy. Family members of the elderly after seeing this note, but also specifically for the nurse to buy food." Wang Mingxin said. In this regard, Guo Xing old man’s wife told the surging news interview, said that the old man had been ill for some time, the courtyard of the medical staff has been very careful, patient, check the time the old man fainted, thanks to the doctor immediately hugged him, doctors and nurses often forgot to eat, is actually more care, understand each other." It seems that in many of the Yan’an University Xianyang hospital medical staff, the incident in the doctor-patient relationship tense today more commendable. "To improve the doctor-patient relationship tense situation, in addition to more positive energy," objective reports and relevant departments to further standardize the medical industry, the more important thing is like this which is reflected by the doctor-patient mutual understanding and understanding." Kang Yanwen, President of Xianyang Hospital of Yan’an University.相关的主题文章: