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The exposure of the Western Pazhou underground space planning: underground space only two layers — the Guangdong channel — original title: Pazhou West underground space planning: take the small block mode only 2 layer Pazhou West underground spatial position. How to develop the international Internet giants gathered Pazhou West underground space? Recently, Pazhou West (Internet Innovation Zone) of underground space and facilities project EIA publicity, but also the regional planning of underground space for the first time exposure. Different from the planning concept of the International Financial City, the Pearl River Metro, Pazhou West is used in small block mode, and there is no large-scale development of underground space, underground space with only 2 floors, a total construction area of only more than 60 thousand square meters, underground parking spaces available in public areas is less than 500. Expected by the end of 2018 the completion of the project planning a total land area of 110845 square meters, total construction area of 60573 square meters, 2 floors underground, planning and construction of comprehensive pipe gallery, commercial facilities, parking, public services and municipal facilities, public corridors. The construction unit is the central axis of Guangzhou Construction Co. Ltd., a total investment of about 763 million 770 thousand yuan, is expected to be completed in December 2018. From the disclosure of the plan EIA, Pazhou West and no large-scale excavation of underground space. Specifically, Pazhou West negative layer of underground space for commercial, construction area of 6998.4 square meters, but no food; public vehicle berth supporting in negative two, a total of 495. The concern is that the underground space only 2 West Pazhou layer, a total construction area of about 60 thousand square meters, the public area underground parking spaces to 500, far less than the city and the Pearl River Metro Underground Space Development efforts. It is reported that the international financial city planning 5 layers of underground space, with a total construction area of 2 million 136 thousand square meters. The construction of the Pearl River Metro has a total construction area of more than 500 thousand square meters of underground space, public areas supporting parking spaces around about 3000. The development of underground space "small block" scale model so why Pazhou West "restraint"? Professor Sun Yimin presided over the West City Pazhou design South China University of Technology School of architecture had an interview with reporters explained that the west is taking the Pazhou small block scale model, the city design is compact, smart and gradual development ", in particular, each block block scale is 80× 120 meters", is the smallest block grid "home, but as the office does not need a lot of space. The new version of the original plan will be 23 pieces of commercial land into the now 47. Sun Yimin said that the small size of the block is the future direction of urban development, can be easily accessible by foot and public transport everywhere, do not need to set up a lot of parking spaces. Planning also increase the internal tram link further west along the Pazhou Pazhou, North Street, Pazhou Road, Pazhou Avenue South grinding disc settings such as 6 tram stations. In addition, the region has a number of subway stations. In addition to the public area of about 500 parking spaces, each commercial building has its own underground parking spaces相关的主题文章: