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The first presidential debate: effects of social network on the election Co., the big winner? Beijing, September (Xinhua) comprehensive report, the U.S. Democratic and Republican presidential candidates Hilary and Trump held the first televised debate on the evening of 28 local time, causing widespread concern in the evening of 26. Two people on economic, security and diplomatic issues such as the fierce confrontation, but more time to attack each other, mutual muckraking in history. Polls show that Hilary in the debate performance to win, but the limited impact of the debate on the future election. Chunqiangshezhan: mutual muckraking history the smell of gunpowder is too strong overall, two candidates in the 90 minute debate in basic no new campaign ideas, but simply reaffirmed their respective positions, more time is in one another. Two people start a debate in bicker, attack each other, seize each other weakness. Hilary questioned Trump’s tax records, and then asked Trump to fall into the door of the e-mail storm of public mail in. Comments generally believe that Hilary was calm and calm, and laugh at the insult to Trump. Trump initially performed well, but then appeared impatient. The debate was held at Hof University in New York, Hempstead, that night. Two people dressed in political party logo color appearance, Hilary wearing red pants suit, Trump wearing a black suit jacket, wearing a blue tie. Hilary Trump used the name "Donald", Trump described Hilary as "Clinton minister", until after the turn for her name "Hilary". This is Hilary and Trump in the election, for the first time with the confrontation. However, the confrontation is full of gunpowder, Trump in the debate within 26 minutes before the break of a total of 25 speech, Hilary. Hot topics: the first presidential debate on gun control and anti-terrorism elections held in the United States, the Democratic candidate Hilary and Republican candidate for direct confrontation between the. When it comes to the recent attention to the issue of race and gun control, Trump said that the need for more law and order, Hilary said the American society, the hidden bias need more detailed plans to solve. The issue remains one of the most talked about topics in the debate. Trump accused Hilary and the extreme Islamic state of the development and expansion of the opportunity to provide, and then criticized the position of the president on the issue of anti-terrorism repeated, inconsistent before and after the meeting on the other side of the world, and the United States and the United States and the United States and other countries, the United States and the United States and the United States and other countries in the world, the United States and the United States and other countries. Who is the winner of the debate? Hilary and Trump both claimed victory after two people, economic crime, foreign policy, as well as Hilary controversial email and Trump refused to release the tax information is private issue war battle, the two camps have subsequently claimed victory. However, after the debate, the poll showed that more than 60% of respondents believe that Hilary is the winner of the debate. The stock market and the gaming handicap that Hilary winning promotion. CNN for the 521 voters surveyed, 62% of them think that Hilary were better, 27% think Trump win. But according to the CNBC online survey, only 35% of respondents believe that Hilary won, and 65% think that the performance of the better Trump. .相关的主题文章: