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The girl was cheated tuition passed her father: she fell tricycle body soft before the college entrance examination, Xu Yuyu learning in the classroom. Respondents for map. August 6th, Xu Yuyu admission notice photos uploaded to the QQ space. In March 27, 2016, friends in the classroom for Xu Yuyu 18 years old birthday. Respondents for map. Liar to Cai Qin (a pseudonym) of the wanted order". Xu Yuyu and friends. Respondents for map. The money was remitted, dense raindrops. Xu Yuyu began to wait. Half an hour later, the money did not come back. She called back again, "the phone has been shut down". Go out from the police station, she stepped on a gray Jinpeng electric tricycle father. Xu Lianbin started the car, walk for three minutes, he remembered just under the rain, afraid of her cold, she put on her coat and wanted to say "". A look back, found sitting on Xu Yuyu’s stool, fell on the car. Xu Lianbin stopped to pick up her daughter." 120 arrived, people are going to die." The | Beijing News reporter Li Xingli Intern Zhang Diyang Cao Huiru Gong Chenxia Zhang Wei Wang Yu Su Xiaoming mother Li Ziyun | editing thought of her daughter cry, father Xu Lianbin endured grief to accept a wave of media interview, "our children are too good, hope that other families don’t cheated." August 19th, 18 year old girl in Linyi, Xu Yuyu,, received a telephone fraud. About to enter the University, she cheated on the cost of College 9900 yuan. On the way home, she suddenly heart arrest, the hospital invalid, unfortunately, died on the 21 day. Onion peeling (WeChat ID:boyangcongpeople) survey found that the same period, received a similar phone fraud is not a student Xu Yuyu. The same with Xu Yuyu Township alumni also narrowly escaped fraud; and in a village in Hedong District of Linyi City, one of the students cheated 6800 yuan tuition. Xu Yuyu, a number of students said that they and their families have received sales or fraud phone. Xu Yuyu’s death led to a public discussion of personal information leakage and telephone fraud. National People’s Congress, Yang Zhen, President of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the two sessions have been recommended as soon as possible to start the protection of personal information legislation. And Xu Yuyu, this year is admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Waiting for the opening of the college students just over 18 years old Xu Yuyu was born in Linyi City, Luozhuang District high street Tan community. After graduating from Ocean University of China, sister Xu Lin, after several efforts to work in Singapore chemical plant. In the Tanzania community, Xu Yuyu is Xu second promising children. She was admitted to the Linyi nineteenth middle school liberal arts experimental class, the results remain at the top of the class in the top five, and even rushed to the city’s top 20. In the class teacher Pan Baojian impression, Xu Yuyu is a representative of the English class, want to learn a small language, if the normal level of play, at least Shandong University." This year’s college entrance examination, the play is not satisfactory Xu Yuyu to 568 points, was admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications english. In August 6th, she was in the QQ space drying admission notice and school hand 7相关的主题文章: