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The girl picked up a bank card to take home to play the father mistakenly deposited 8000 yuan – Sohu news is really no book. Zhenhai there is a little girl, picked up a bank card to take home to play, and this card like dad and the card this not careless, as like as two peas, dad to save money, a little money in the pick up card. It’s easy to get into it, it’s hard to get it out. Correspondent reporter Ye Mengming Hua fire careless man mistakenly picked up the money in the card master Wang couples working in zhenhai. On the morning of July 21st last year, Wang master to earn 8000 yuan to earn their own hard work. In August 2nd, Wang master to spend money, took the card to withdraw money, but many times the password is not correct. After the staff of the bank to see, told the Master Wang this card is not his, Wang master thought. After returning home, Master Wang and his wife to talk about it, open the drawer to see, there are two exactly the same shape of the card, but the card number is different. "Where is this card? What is this called?" At that time, Master Wang’s daughter is also present, she immediately responded to his father, "this card is mine!" It turned out that one day in July, when she was playing outside the daughter picked up a bank card, take home to play. Because of the two cards, like the shape of the Master Wang thought it was their own, and readily thrown into the drawer, the child picked up the card into the wallet. In July 21st, when he went to save money, he brought this card. Because the bank card to save money is not less than 10 thousand yuan without entering a password, and signature confirmation, careless Master Wang did not pay attention to the bank card owner name. Lost card people due to windfall prosecution to the court to pick up the card, of course, do not know the password, how to put the money out, Wang fannan. The bank staff to remind the Master Wang Zhenhai court card Master Lee, ask for the money back, and apply to the court for the bank card to take measures for property preservation. Recently, Zhenhai court hearing of the case, hearing the same day, Lee was legally summoned, refused to do so without proper reason. Zhenhai court that Lee no lawful basis to obtain improper benefits, causing losses to others, illegal profits shall be returned to the person who suffered the loss. The decision to return money to Lee wang. However, because of Lee bank card and mobile phone bound, the balance of the card is Lee consumption of 200 yuan, Wang said that the 200 yuan even, when to buy a lesson, no longer asked Lee also. Finally, the bank according to the court verdict, according to the balance of 7800 dollars Lee card delimit from his money card, finally returned to the king master card. Zhenhai court judge introduction, if Lee does not fulfill the court decision, will be included in the list of dishonest debtor.相关的主题文章: