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The Harlem Yu show a   image; emotional once heavily – Culture – original title: Harlem Yu shows a modified image of emotional control once tonight (September 2nd), in a free version of "new song" advertising China will usher in the Harlem Yu clan five strong battle. Has always been to "laughing and playing music" as the slogan of Harlem Yu, in the face of cruel choice, instead of laughing image, even emotional scene once choked with sobs. In the face of the embodiment of the "tangled forest" of Harlem Yu, Mavis Fan came to help the instructor second intimate "jacket" and give comfort. Harlem Yu’s team of students this week will show what kind of wonderful duel, to cool it. But I heard that as long as the participation in "new song" Chinese Youku exclusive page in the comments area and reception area, there will be a big wave hit the eggs and welfare. Interactive comment "egg" sign in the membership card tutor encounter full platform free advertising "new song" since China on Youku free advertising since its launch, Youku fancy turns staged operation. In addition, during the interactive barrage live commercials inserted scripts, exclusive DIY songs sound self expression package and so on, as long as the users to participate in interactive, intimate Youku actually more wonderful surprise eggs and benefits waiting for you. Cartoon cartoon head you get it? In Youku, China’s new song exclusive page comments area, as long as the input with the name of the four instructors comments, such as Jay Chou, hello!" And you can see Jielun with a guitar hand-painted cartoon jumped out, and is equipped with "with a powerful and unconstrained style" in the music world declaration, a change in the past this small lift public image, it is overbearing. When the users in the comments as "Wang Feng" mentor cheer, a stand before the wheat to shout out "everything in your voice" Wang Feng appeared, a form of ROCK. The eggs are more than that. As long as the user input with a "mentor" keywords comments in the comments on the page, flew out of the four tutors "domineering side leakage" of the same box version of the cartoon map, map tutors with the style, and encourage the singers "give you give you the stage of wheat". "This surprise is not to give up!" Netizens commented road. You can imagine, when the show saw the rise, users can not help but to support their contribution to mentor comments, see how excited these hand-painted cartoon. Do you have a membership card? In addition to the tutor cartoon little surprise, watch free version of "new song" advertising Chinese can participate in activities for members in attendance to send Youku Youku APP, signed a total of 7 days, 7 days to send members a total of 30 days, 50 days and 30 days to send members 90 days, 70 days to send members to send half of members, 90 days to send annual membership. Don’t say no to remind friends, new songs sound schedule has been more than half, there are a lot of people have "dark and" received 30 days of membership, what are you waiting for, do not pay close attention to the welfare. At the same time, users can also get a note by signing awards, used to extract Youku 30 days membership card. In addition to sign the lead notes, users can also watch the new song by the program, subscribe to share the new voice to get the notes to participate in pumping相关的主题文章: