The high number of students on the first race back student explained it is hard to understand-happynewyear

The high number of students on the first race back is very difficult to understand the student explained: "you go to help me a place, I’m going to the loo." "Wait for me, don’t fall!" At 8 yesterday morning, pick up things quickly at the Wuhan University of Science and Technology Huangjiahu campus area on the self-study students, flew to another teaching building area three. The scene in the mechanical engineering 3 big pilot class to play 4 times a week, is go to the high number of classes. Zhang Danhui said the students, their Institute of new students to grasp very tight, every day from 7 to 8 in the morning, at 6:30 to the point of 9 must be in the classroom to study in the classroom. For their 90 students in 3 classes, 4 day high number of classes this semester each week, are scheduled to begin at 8:20 in the morning of the first class, "although the teacher has a lot of time to PPT, but the content of writing on the blackboard, dense, back to the students once there is a detail not clear or not see it difficult to understand." The students said, a school will listen to the students said, the high number of classes for them to learn the courses is the key to the future, the research of awards. The college sophomore Zhou Yiwen introduced, each new class is so high on the seat, but they will be put to the number of seats in the front row of little girls. The number of college freshmen each year through rate in more than 90%. Teacher Yu Shengchun each class will come to the classroom 20 minutes earlier, with the break of 10 minutes are used to give students a week will be unified online Q & A, reply to a student’s questions.相关的主题文章: