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HKEx announced the postponement of derivative fluctuations in product market regulation mechanism – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Hongkong in November 14, the Hongkong stock exchange before the market volatility postponement commonly known as "cool" in the derivatives market regulation mechanism. The company said, due to the discovery of a potential technical problem in the final preparations before the launch of the system, decided to defer scheduled today in the market volatility derivatives market regulation plan, launch date will be announced. Hong Kong Stock Exchange explained that the latest discovery of potential technical problems are relatively rare, only a number of participants involved in the exchange, in the past many systems testing and market exercises have not encountered such a situation. After careful consideration, the HKEx has decided to conduct more tests to resolve the potential technical problems for the sake of prudence. Notice that the decision will not affect the operation of the market, HKEx is also known as the sfc. The Hongkong stock exchange market mechanism including all system operations of the securities market, are not affected by the derivatives market mechanism and the postponement of market research. It is understood that the Hong Kong stock exchange derivatives market mechanism design for the Hang Seng Index Futures and small country futures, Hang Seng Index Futures, index futures are small in the month and next month contract. When will the contract price over the 5 minutes before the last trading price fell more than 5%, will trigger 5 minutes during the calm period, the contract can only be traded at a specified price range. In every morning and afternoon sessions, each contract will only trigger a calm period.相关的主题文章: