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The international organization for migration, refugees and immigrants into Europe by sea surge in the original title: the international organization for migration: the latest statistics from the sea into the European refugees and illegal immigrants jumped Geneva 2 months, Xinhua news agency, 2 2, the international organization for migration in Geneva released shows that this year 1 month, by sea to Europe and refugees compared with the same period last year the number of illegal immigrants surge. In addition, these people who constitute the first by the male dominated into mostly women and children. The international organization for migration statistics, only in January this year, there are more than 67 thousand refugees and illegal immigrants arriving by sea in southern Europe, in January last year, the figure was only 5000. In addition, statistics show that in Greece, the vast majority of refugees and illegal immigrants from Turkey departure, by the Greek waters near the islands into Europe, 91% of them from Syria, Afghanistan and iraq. At the same time, since January by the Mediterranean to Europe of refugees and illegal immigrants, the death toll is 4 times more than the same period last year, up to 368 people, including 60 children. The same day, the United Nations Children’s fund also announced the latest statistics, from Turkey to the Greek refugees and illegal immigrants, children accounted for 36% of women and children, the proportion of the total has reached 60%, while in July last year, 73% of the refugees and illegal immigrants for adult males, juvenile only the total number of 1/10. The United Nations Children’s Fund for European refugees and immigration crisis Special Coordinator Mary Pwariya said, the rising proportion of women and children means more people in danger at sea, especially at a time when the winter, more people need to get protection in the land after the arrival. In recent years, tens of thousands of people displaced by war and other reasons to enter Europe by sea between Turkey and Greece, and the shortest distance less than 5 kilometers of the Aegean Sea is the most attractive stowaway sea. The European Union has urged the two countries to strengthen control of Greek and Turkish, prevent refugees to Europe via the two countries. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222

国际移民组织:经海路进入欧洲难民和移民暴增   原标题:国际移民组织:经海路进入欧洲难民和非法移民暴增   新华社日内瓦2月2日电 国际移民组织2日在日内瓦公布的最新统计结果显示,今年1月以来,经海路进入欧洲的难民和非法移民与去年同期相比数量暴增。此外,这些人的人员构成首次由以男性为主转变为以妇女和儿童为主。   国际移民组织统计数据显示,仅今年1月就有超过6.7万名难民和非法移民通过海路抵达欧洲南部,而去年1月该数字仅为5000人。另外,希腊 方面的统计显示,上述难民和非法移民绝大部分从土耳其启程,由希腊附近海域岛屿进入欧洲,他们中91%来自叙利亚、阿富汗和伊拉克。   与此同时,1月以来经地中海前往欧洲的难民和非法移民死亡人数是去年同期的4倍有余,达368人,其中包括60名儿童。   同一天,联合国儿童基金会也公布最新统计数据说,在从土耳其前往希腊的难民和非法移民中,儿童已占36%,妇女和儿童合计比例已达60%,而去年7月时,73%的难民和非法移民为成年男性,未成年人仅占总人数的十分之一。   联合国儿童基金会负责欧洲难民和移民危机的特别协调员玛丽・普瓦里耶说,妇女和儿童比例的上升意味着更多人在海上面临危险,特别是目前正值冬季,更多人在抵达陆地后需要获得保护。   近年来,成千上万因战火等原因流离失所的人希望通过海路进入欧洲,而土耳其和希腊之间最短距离不足5公里的爱琴海域是最吸引偷渡者的海路。欧盟日前敦促土耳其和希腊两国加强管控,阻止难民途经两国前往欧洲大陆。(完) 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: