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The latest study found that the earthquake may really dig oil related technology – Sohu and the Seismological Society of America (BSSA) latest research report published in November 1st a display, historical investigation has proved that there may be a link between oil production and the Losangeles basin in the early twentieth Century oil boom occurred during a series of destructive earthquake. The United States Geological Survey Susan – Hof (Susan Hough) and Morgan – Paige (Morgan Page) pointed out that the 1920 Inglewood earthquake, 1929 Santa Monica earthquake 1930 Wittich earthquake and the Long Beach earthquake in 1933 is likely to be caused by large-scale oil production activities before. The study was conducted in 1923 at a large oil field in Hill, Losangeles (Signal), one of the first to look for evidence of seismic activity in the Losangeles area before the start of the year in 1935. The researchers pointed out, because at that time the mining method of oil and gas was significantly different from the methods used today, so their findings "does not mean that there is no correlation between the oil exploitation activities and earthquake". Other studies have also concluded that there is no evidence of a major earthquake in the Losangeles basin since 1935. "With the popularization of water flooding and the optimization of other industrial equipment, there will be no induced earthquakes in 1935," Hof said. "Therefore, it may be just the beginning of the twentieth Century. However, once the researchers confirmed this kind of large earthquakes, such as the 6.4 Long Beach earthquake, is caused by human activities, people will redefine the seismologists how to calculate the natural frequency of basin seismic activity. "If 1920, 1929, 1930 and 1933 4 earthquake as the artificially induced earthquake, people have to re-examine about Losangeles basin natural earthquake frequency theory and calculation", Hof said: "therefore, the geological structure of Losangeles basin may not as we imagine" recruit earthquake "." Losangeles’s oil boom began in 1892, people in the vicinity of the Dodger Stadium for the first time today to petroleum exploration. Subsequently, Losangeles oilfield in 1923 accounted for nearly 20% of the world’s crude oil production. However, in spite of such large-scale production, the onset of induced earthquakes in the basin did not seem common in the early twentieth Century. For Hof and page, this problem is a complex task to integrate a large number of data. Because at that time almost the seismograph is not popular, researchers must be by the time the report on the vibration and property loss to estimate the magnitude and intensity of earthquakes. For Hof, the tedious work that she had some anecdotes at California Polytechnic University archives. For example, she found the famous seismologist Charles · Richter (Charles Richter) have not been published in the 1929 Whittier earthquake notes. "I followed his footsteps, from San Gabriel Avenue, to Pasadena, to the point where he had to watch the earthquake相关的主题文章: