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The man died in a car accident on the way to find the families of postal delivery claims rejected the Sohu News – Chinese daily news (reporter Ceng Chun) in October 25th, 57 year old Zhang master to work in the delivery of packages on the car accident death, the family found the Shangluo post company for compensation. In this regard, the post office, said Zhang is not the company’s employees, the company does not have the responsibility, it is recommended that the family to take judicial proceedings. Families of the deceased: on the way to work in a car accident unit can not? Master Zhang is Shangluo people, his usual work is riding a motorcycle, service for postal parcel, Shangzhou District Shangluo City, the area of the wide north ping. October 25th go to work time, he died in a car accident in the North wide Ping, the accident is an engineering vehicle, the current accident responsibility has not been identified. After the incident, Zhang’s family found the Chinese postal company in Shangluo to discuss. "At first I said, now nobody cares."." Zhang master’s son said that when his father had an accident, riding a motorcycle with a package of what, but it is time to go out of work, it is no doubt that the injury, he really can not figure out, how can the postal company? Shangluo post: and the dead is the principal-agent relationship is not labor relations in the morning of October 28th, China Shangluo post office staff in charge of the matter Zhang said, Master Zhang is not only the workers of the company, the principal-agent relationship with the company, not labor relations, so this thing not responsibility, also unable to determine whether master Zhang injury. Zhang provided the contract shows: Zhang master (Party B) and the postal company (Party A) contract from January 1st to December 31st this year, Party A and Party B to establish a civil principal-agent relationship. Party B because of the use of postal services of all types of personnel, and Party A does not exist labor relations or labor relations. There is no agreement on the contract for Master Zhang (b) and the postal company (Party A) belong to what kind of relationship issues, Zhang said, the two sides have not labor relations or labor relations, out of this thing, we also want to see, but now this situation, suggested that the family go judicial procedure." Department of human resources and social: there is no need to investigate the relationship between the labor of the master Zhang’s son said that his father worked in Shangluo postal company for many years, and has been paid from the company. For this argument, the postal company Zhang told the China Daily reporter said that they really give Zhang master money, but not wages, but agency fees. China Daily reporter was informed that there is a labor relationship is a necessary condition for work-related injuries. The afternoon of October 26th, the Shangluo Municipal Bureau of human resources and social person in charge of the relevant departments, Master Zhang and the postal company contract, can not explain the master Zhang and the company has no specific labor relations, labor relations, need investigation. In this regard, Shaanxi Hengda lawyer Fan Qin said, the legal relationship between the two sides formed the labor department as. In the end is labor relations or principal-agent relationship, this is indeed a dispute. In the opinion of the Supreme Court, the relationship between Postal agents and postal units should be based on the agreement of both parties. Suggested that the family to take judicial proceedings, if found to exist.相关的主题文章: