The media asked six telecommunications fraud after send several anti cheat Raiders is not enough-9c8921

The media asked six telecommunications fraud: after send several anti cheat Raiders is not enough young girls due to telecom fraud death, "public security fraud" by Professor Kochi 17 million 600 thousand…… A case of malignant recently emerging telecommunications fraud deeply to stimulate the nerve of the public telecommunications fraud, everyone shouting. We have doubts, in the high-tech today, in the end where the problem? Why repeated? How to remove this "cancer"? 1 asked why telecommunications fraud so high? In addition to the Xu Yuyu event, recently on telecommunications fraud messages can be heard without end. Just two days ago, CCTV host Sa Beining received a telephone fraud, but fortunately he mastered some anti fraud knowledge, only survived. And many do not have the knowledge of ordinary people may not be so lucky. Some cheated bankrupt, some even pay the price of life. Why telecom fraud so rampant? In the final analysis, because of the low cost of telecommunications fraud, benefit quickly, difficult to obtain evidence, sentencing light, typical low-risk, high-yield. In the past 10 years, every year, the rapid growth of China’s telecommunications fraud cases from 20% to 30% of the speed of the 2015 national public security organs Kyoritsu telecommunications fraud cases since 590 thousand, an increase of 32.5%, a total of 22 billion 200 million yuan of economic losses caused by. The 360 chief anti fraud experts Pei Zhiyong analysis pointed out that, from the 360 Mobile Phone Guardian monitoring data in August this year, the amount of growth in a stable state, only 360 guards to intercept telephone fraud in mobile phone every day more than 14 million. The reason caused outrage, mainly because the vulnerable groups are more and more attacks, and the loss caused by the shocking. In fact, the summer is also the peak of traditional fraud. 2 asked why the University was cheated hit hardest hit? College students have become the victim of telecommunications fraud hardest hit". Following the death of Xu Yuyu and college students were telecommunications fraud sudden death, in September 1st, Guangdong, Jieyang, a female college student cheated nearly ten thousand yuan tuition fees and living expenses after jumping into the sea to commit suicide. Why cheat college students? Personal information leakage, vulnerable to temptation, lack of social experience and lack of education is a major cause of fraud. In the case of Xu Yuyu, criminals call, saying there is a $2600 grant to her. Because the day before the notice had received the Department of education grants, so she for Gospel truth. Obviously, Xu Yuyu’s personal information has been leaked. "High time" and "winning notice" is often the most college students as telecommunications fraud, illegal use of some college students eager to make money or work experience psychological, step by step to lure students. Anti fraud has become a new school entrance exam". Recently in the major universities in the striking position, have appeared in many places of the bar against fraud, the police also walked into the campus publicity. When the telecommunications fraud get in by every opening a good lesson, students need to. But, the ivory tower of the students in the face of this "parade", worth every personal reflection. The 3 question why will be accurate fraud liar? Looking at these telecommunications fraud, crooks are almost exactly launched attacks. Prop相关的主题文章: