The Ministry of agriculture, the urgent deployment of fourteenth typhoon Meranti defense work in Bei-高达08ms小队

The Ministry of agriculture, the urgent deployment of fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" defense work – Beijing Needham, according to the Central Meteorological Station forecast of fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" in September 12th strengthened into a typhoon, the strength to continue to strengthen, up to the strongest typhoon or super typhoon level, will be landing in the coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong in September 15th will be the day. To China’s Fujian, Guangdong and other places of agriculture (animal husbandry and fishery) has seriously affected the production. To this end, the Ministry of agriculture attaches great importance to the urgent deployment of Typhoon "Meranti" defense work, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, for Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi and other provinces (regions) the agricultural sector to do production typhoon defense and disaster recovery work, to ensure that agricultural production and people’s life and property safety. Ensure responsibility is in place. Most of the current area when the southern rice grain filling, a key period of late rice booting, fishery is in the autumn season production season. "Meranti" will bring strong winds, waves and storm will be on agriculture (animal husbandry and fishery) adversely affect production. At the same time, "Meranti" landing at the Mid Autumn Festival, prone to problems such as lack of personnel, to further increase the difficulty of flood prevention work. The agricultural departments at all levels to grain firm steady income goal without wavering, based disaster bumper harvest, and consciously to prevent "miranti" as an urgent task, the early deployment, early response, strengthen the responsibility to ensure that responsibility to the people, measures are in place. Strengthen monitoring and early warning. Strengthen consultation with the meteorological, marine, water conservancy and other departments to communicate, do emergency duty, on the "Meranti" path, pay close attention to the development of the disaster, early warning and timely release of information. Timely scheduling disaster and disaster relief measures to ensure the smooth flow of information. Make full use of the media, timely release of early warning information and technical measures to guard against typhoons. Fishing and Fisheries Department personnel to the disaster warning information notification to the relevant waters for the first time; timely reporting of fishing vessels into port, the fishermen evacuated ashore, fishing boats and other defense measures for standby. Early implementation of defensive measures. Fishing vessels and aquaculture personnel immediately mobilize the relevant waters as soon as possible to return to Hong Kong or the nearest shelter, to avoid the waves, early fishing port facilities maintenance and reinforcement of embankment, to ensure the safety of personnel. The organization of farmers pay close attention to the reinforcement of fruit trees, greenhouses and livestock pens and other agricultural production facilities, the implementation of flood control measures, timely harvest ripe crops, to avoid disaster losses. Timely clearing the field ditches and poultry farm drainage system to prevent the occurrence of a large area of waterlogging. Guide unit of land reclamation enterprises, such as schools and hospitals to do preventive work related. Solid production self-help. Organizations to investigate, verify, evaluate and reflect the impact of disasters, strengthen guidance services, local conditions to organize experts to develop disaster relief and production recovery programs to help and guide farmers (livestock, fisheries) to carry out the production of self-help. Increase investment in equipment and manpower, timely drainage in addition to stains, wash seedlings supporting seedling strengthen management, and pest prevention and control, timely spraying foliar fertilizer, promote crop growth and disaster recovery. Improve the production data swap transporting. Do the affected livestock farms of livestock and poultry breeding farmers Bulan transportation and production technical guidance. As soon as possible to repair the damaged typhoon ports, dams, fishing boats, fish ponds and aquaculture facilities to help farmers in time to be washed away.相关的主题文章: