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The most beautiful — the trials of a long journey to miss Italy million US overseas Chinese Mr. Beijing – Beijing, August 26, 21 August 2, 2016 08, the famous overseas Chinese million US due to illness in Wuhan died at the age of 73. He was a good friend, media people Yang Guang wrote "the most beautiful — the trials of a long journey to miss Italy million US overseas Chinese gentleman", expressed deep nostalgia. Article excerpts are as follows: at the beginning of August France Paris Hubei Hunan Association received the news – to – million US President Hu Qinan Mr died due to illness in his hometown of Wuhan! WeChat Dayton into a dangerous letter, surprised, had to lament the impermanence of life, life and death! In the past more than and 10 years, I have good teachers and helpful friends from Ren Jiyu, Yang Yuqing, Han Suying, Ji Xianlin masters to us there were dozens of million, people have continued to throw me away. With the water seriously, every time they go, I like to follow them as die to go back to the one, the only difference is I is "fake death, Ben six, I still live in this world with rogue write them condolence article! And I can’t remember the plot thick home when the us know Mr. Wan, but certainly not all, I first heard the name after his knowledge. We are 20 years successively BFSU alumni, but he is older, because he is my college classmate Italian teacher. Remember to really see Mr. Wan or I went to Italy after the end of the last century to study. At that time, Italy overseas Chinese in Hubei rarely, fewer people, their family of four people in Rome, we have a family of three in Milan, the South and the north, like the Big Dipper in the peninsula, we exchange each other, accent, intoxicated enjoy nostalgia. Contact us for decades as A hedge between keeps friendship green., do not have anything to do. He is very friendly to me, also help. I just met him when he was in his forties, he often call me Xiao Yang, later changed to call me Mr. Yang, I said to him, you are a teacher, this life I respect you as a teacher in the school, such as Mr. respect you in business, do not call me, or call me Yang Ba. In this way until the end of his life, he also called me this is a small old man’s old friends for the small yang. Mr. Wan and I am from Hubei, our hometown in Hubei Xiaogan. It is the birthplace of one of the Chu culture, not only splendid culture, outstanding people, but also the president of the Republic of hometown, Emperor Kangxi division of township! Recalling the past the territory, as a provincial jurisdiction, jurisdiction across the Yangtze River north and south of Xiaogan, Huangpi, Hanyang, Wuchang, Hanchuan, Yunmeng, Anlu, Yingcheng, Suizhou, Dawu, Yingshan, Tongcheng, Tongshan 16 counties. It is said in the "Xiaogan home tube was wide, nine miles off to the north, east to the Mulan mountain west to Hongshan, South to the Jiugong mountain". Close the Dawu foot of Dabie Mountain in our hometown — are at the junction of the Hubei Henan Anhui provinces: my hometown is in nine, and Mr. Wan hometown is not far away from my hometown of Mulan mountain in Huangpi, at a distance of 100 kilometers, county to county. With the changes of the times, the city of Wuhan in order to build Tianhe Airport to Huangpi from Xiaogan, "rob" away, from then on he became Wu相关的主题文章: