The national amateur chess competition Jiangyin Zhouzhuang first season over 100 thousand people par

The national amateur chess competition Jiangyin Zhouzhuang first season over 100 thousand contestants – Sohu   and fitness, sports; happy chess. "Jiangyin Zhouzhuang" 2016 "Chinese sports lottery" national amateur chess chess Championships opened in Jiangyin Zhanmu Zhouzhuang Sanfangxiang Jinling Hotel on the morning of November 18th. From the domestic division more than and 30 place title and outstanding amateur players compete on behalf of Jiangyin Zhouzhuang, history of the development of China’s first national amateur chess chess will be born here. Wang Xudong spoke of "Jiangyin Zhouzhuang" 2016 "China sports lottery" national amateur chess chess tournament finals in the national fitness background of national strategy, Chinese Chess Association in a chess tournament directly for the majority of enthusiasts new product launch this year, established and implemented the National Sports General Administration Division of the event also given strong support. Since the game from the late April of this year officially started, in the vast majority of domestic provinces have successfully held the Grand Prix, attracted more than 50 thousand chess enthusiasts to participate in the competition’s line. At the same time in order to attract the majority of young amateur participation, the national amateur chess qiwangsai also opened up the network division, a total of more than 52000 chess enthusiasts through online games, but also to participate in this event. The two main competing channels online and offline, the national amateur chess chess tournament in his debut season, he created more than 100 thousand people participating in the history of the development of the scale, China chess, set a new milepost. Guo Liping launched the national chess amateur chess tournament to speak in order to better adapt to and meet the practical needs of the chess lovers, through the game operation and further stimulate active fitness needs of the broad masses of the people. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the level of economic and social development in the area of high demand, the majority of fans are more active, from the end of all races and provincial competitions, three eastern provinces of Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong economic volume ranked the top three of the number involved in the national amateur chess chess match, it ranked in the top three.   "Jiangyin Zhouzhuang" 2016 China national chess chess amateur sports lottery finals is sponsored by China Chess Association, Jiangsu Province Sports Chess Association and Jiangyin Sports Bureau and the Jiangyin Municipal People’s Government of Zhouzhuang town in Beijing hosted the body Star Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Jiangyin City, Jiangyin City, Zhouzhuang chamber of Commerce and Chess Association Jiangyin city children’s talent training centre, Migu Interactive Entertainment Limited is the tournament partners.   after 1 days of fierce competition, open men Wang Hao and Wu Jinyong with 4 war victory, with 8 points. Open first round of the women’s group without a draw was a winner, a young woman and two groups. Xinjiang has Jingru three matches, leading women’s children. Chen Fujian, Le, Hebei Yang Shizhe, Beijing Xie Chanyi with 7 points, leading men’s children. Jiangsu Chen Quan, Zhejiang, Roach, Hebei, with 6 points of the product, the first group of young women. Sichuan Xu articles, Jiangsu Chen Jingguan 7 points with the product, the leading men’s team. Shandong.相关的主题文章: