The new US Russian Cold War Putin – made combined Beijing-jinshen

The new US Russian Cold War: Putin made combined Beijing – Ma Xiaolin (Bo president) President Obama ruling into the countdown, Democrats and Republicans are also busy stage of the decisive battle for the white house. However, the United States Russia president Obama into a "cold peace" without any improvement, on the contrary, because of a series of combination of boxing in Russia, the confrontation situation more severe, "new cold war" color is more obvious, Obama’s successor will inherit a bad relationship with Russia heritage. And Obama has become a "lame duck" and quickly hand over the baton is different, Putin’s position is stable, high degree of public support and are likely to seek re-election in 2018. Therefore, in order to break the U.S. – led economic sanctions and pressure of strategy in Europe construction, the recent use of multiple sets of geopolitical leverage Putin implement anti system of the United States, in order to keep the initiative in two for a long time in the game. Suspend the implementation of the agreement on nuclear materials in the field of nuclear disarmament, said the United States does not. In October 5th, Putin ordered to suspend the relevant processing of weapons grade plutonium and the United States signed the agreement, and to submit the draft approved by the State Duma discussed. Russia asked the United States to meet two conditions: cut after September 2000 the territory of the member states joined NATO military facilities and staff size, the abolition of the United States because of the crisis in Ukraine and Russia issued unfriendly sanctions act and related measures and compensation. After the end of the cold war, Russia concluded a series of nuclear disarmament documents, trying to peer compressed nuclear arsenal. In 2009 the Obama administration advocated the building of a "nuclear free world", the US Russian nuclear disarmament if smoothly, will undoubtedly have a decisive significance for both security and global denuclearization process. However, due to the United States to promote the expansion of NATO, leading us Russian strategic mutual trust is damaged, subsequent weak nuclear disarmament. The Russian nuclear materials play cards, although does not affect the core of both nuclear disarmament agreement, but the "go" signal is quite strong. Take offensive strategy in Syria, forcing the United States a retreat back. In October 4th, the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that a Russian S300 air defense missile company stationed in Syria, and said the move aims to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, the Russian military bases. Observers are well aware that the Syria government forces will undoubtedly benefit from the introduction of Russian air defense missiles in the first place, expanding its current battlefield advantage. Since September second Russia reached a ceasefire agreement in Geneva, accusing each other of violations of the ceasefire, to continue through the agent for Syria future dominance. Because the United States to take the strategic defensive, very prominent Russian military role in Syria. Not only that, Russia by improving relations with Turkey and expand military cooperation with Iran, to enhance the overall existence, the role of the u.s.. Recently, the "9? 11" act of continuous fermentation, between the US and Russia draw unprecedented tension, formulate the Saudi Arabia provides an opportunity for the United States, once its traditional allies defection, to further reduce American influence in the Middle East, forcing the United States to make compromises in the other direction. The high-profile war, opened the nuclear posture showdown. At the end of September, the Moscow emergency administration issued a public notice, according to the requirements of the new regulations on civil defense, the capital of all basement.相关的主题文章: