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The newspaper: telecom operators really of telephone harassment — incapable of action view — original title: telecom operators really of harassing phone calls it telecom operators rectification telephone harassment, incapable of action will certainly encounter various operational problems. Telecom operators can fully cooperate with regulators, consensus on the relevant issues, come up with specific solutions and schedules. Why on the phone is displayed on the label thousands or even tens of thousands of harassing phone calls are still normal call? Why operators do not directly block these phones? In this regard, the expert explained: telecommunications is a public right, but also provide telecom services, can not determine the specific number in case of alleged violations of law, at present, the operators have no right to stop service. ("Beijing Youth Daily" August 30th) in such a narrative, it seems that operators of harassing phone calls powerless". Some industry insiders also said: Operators on the one hand, there is no basis for determining the content of the phone and information content, on the other hand, there is no relevant law enforcement and legal empowerment. It is said that before the operator tried to shut down the number of complaints are more, but the other side to ‘I pay for my use’ on the grounds of protest, and let go." Many practitioners believe that the telecom operators, the harassing phone calls do not want to, but there is no law enforcement basis, so it can not solve. Really so? The "advertisement law" stipulates: "any unit or individual without the consent or request, not to send advertising, the residential traffic tools, also not to send advertising to electronic information, the managers of public places or telecom operators, Internet information service provider knows or should know of its the use of the site or the information transmission, publishing platform sending, publishing illegal advertisements, shall stop." The most common telephone harassment — marketing, not unrelated to actual advertising, telephone marketing, apparently without the consent or request, in accordance with the "advertisement law" stipulates that operators should be stopped". Of course, telecom operators will certainly encounter a variety of telephone harassment rectification operation problem, telecom operators can coordination and supervision departments, the formation of a consensus on the relevant issues, come up with specific solutions and timetables. Americans have been plagued by harassing phone calls. In 2003, the United States launched a "do not call me," the action proposal, the provisions of those who do not want to receive telemarketing calls, the phone can be included in the "do not call me" list. After that, if there is a telemarketing call to sell products to the list of people, will be fined $11 thousand, but also may face consumer prosecution. Outside the box, so, if the operator you can promote similar provision, "a fundamental solution for harassing phone calls". The country’s major telecom operators, to telephone harassment, please also cautious "incapable of action". When the Xu Yuyu incident so that the people of the country are all the rage of telecommunications fraud, we must face up to every aspect of the case, do not let go of any link in the problem. Harassing phone calls is one of them. Operators should show greater相关的主题文章: