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The oil linked petrochemical oil company has to encounter payment card left Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In September 6th, a large number of consumers to oil petrochemical rights found empty, the floor messy. For respondents figure recently, Southern Metropolis Daily has received the report the phone, many people claim in the major electricity supplier platform and Oil Association (Beijing) Petrochemical Company (hereinafter referred to as "oil and petrochemical") official website to buy a joint oil or oil storage treasure easy prepaid card storage, oil Petrochemical Industries Co recently stopped payment then, in August 30th unilaterally declared bankruptcy liquidation, according to the purchase of gasoline liter × the oil × 50% of the program to pay for consumers. Nandu reporter multi investigation confirmed the matter, the major electricity supplier platform customer service are said to be coordinated solution. Beijing authorities said they have accepted consumer complaints, but has not yet entered the judicial process. The company unilaterally declared bankruptcy liquidation of Nanjing citizens Mr. Xia introduction, February 2015, a friend recommended oil storage card to contact block, car owners offer great. He informed, the storage card is composed of oil contact (Beijing) Petrochemical Company Limited issued capital and commercial bank guarantee, paid by the new company HNA prepaid consumer supervision. Mr. Xia said, easy oil joint implementation of a liter of oil, oil prices, the general lock operation mode, for consumers is very cost-effective, oil price is 5 yuan lock hypothesis, consumers in the purchase gasoline oil through joint block, the actual oil prices below 5 yuan will not go to the settlement, only when oil prices higher than before go to the settlement of 5 yuan, if the actual oil prices rose 6 yuan to the settlement, the equivalent of oil subsidies to 1 yuan per liter with easy, the higher the price of oil consumers more cost-effective. See the benefits, Mr. Xia first bought a 1200L oil contact block. Since then has been used by the end of March 2016, the settlement is very smooth. He followed in April 10th and April 15th respectively by 1200L oil contact block. In August 5th this year, Mr. Xia found oil petrochemical stop back now, and the data migration, platform maintenance and other reasons prevarication payment. Around August 25th, the United States petrochemical Q Q customer service automatic message said, has stopped billing services, the company since August 30th for all customers bankruptcy liquidation. Customer service gives the liquidation plan: the remaining number of × August 30th day oil prices × 50%= refund amount. According to this plan, Mr. Xia’s loss of more than 40%, he can not accept. Affected by the number of consumers is still in an interview with the reporter was informed that the number of information provided by the information providers and petrochemical joint customer service has confirmed the Xia said. In addition, Nandu reporters also learned that because of this oil petrochemical liter oil, oil prices, the general lock and only need to provide invoices without real refueling operations for consumers in profitable, many people invested heavily to buy on storage相关的主题文章: