The Oriental Pearl launched two new projects to enjoy the scenery recreation for two (video)-winpm

The Oriental Pearl Tower launched two new projects, enjoying the scenery, two suitable for the mid autumn small holiday, Shanghai landmark Oriental Pearl Tower launched two new projects, let play more scientific and technological sense. The first bright spot is to upgrade the 95 meter "high altitude roller coaster" project, wearing VR glasses, visitors will see a different landscape. Before they got into the tunnel, the passengers were screaming. What did you see in the VR glasses? The VR roller coaster takes the leap Shanghai Intercity High altitude as the theme, combines the popular VR (virtual reality) technology with the traditional roller coaster, breaks through the limitation of vision and sense, and brings a new shock experience for tourists. The traditional roller coaster, visitors see is the track, the main experience is fast. While wearing VR glasses, the tourists feel like being in the sky, the shuttle in Lujiazui between the buildings, in addition to adding more go by like the wind, wonderful and exciting. Visitors describe the feeling of soaring in the sky. The world is completely open, super cool! Some people think that the traditional feel nothing, wearing glasses after feeling very different, just flying. Experienced a round of tourists said again is not very afraid, second times is simply too high, good visual feeling strong, vivid, is the landmark of Shanghai, I feel very exciting. Tomorrow, the project will be officially opened to visitors. In addition, at the beginning of the September launch of " more. The sea ring " dynamic multimedia show is also a new key project in the course of the visit for nearly 20 minutes, the high-tech and visual arts cross combination, experience immersed in a huge screen in the future city. Tourists feel that the project is imaginative and has an expectation for the future. Because of this project, a certain understanding of the future of the world, this project is relatively delicate in production. The Oriental Pearl hope through a series of new projects launched, to give visitors more wonderful experience, assistant general manager Wang Xiaoli: "we this several years to build 78 meters, including screen multimedia show including VR high roller coaster project, is to make a better communication with the public and tourists, to tell you the Oriental Pearl is not only a a climbing tourist attractions, there are still a lot of rich and colorful content". "" "Shanghai: Shanghai is still recommended today morning heavy rain tomorrow," Maleka "to take 3 days off next Monday on the 8 day of the trip together tourists in advance on holiday travel contract model and the public to buy Porsche car does not match the company said there is no difference between Shanghai flight to Sydney was occurred after takeoff special has landed Shanghai two month old baby panda" peanuts "". "" come out to see visitors a week with her body image collection: the beauty of Shanghai: the Oriental Pearl into the one and only put on the red flag " " this is the blessing of Wu Minxia (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

东方明珠推出两个全新的项目 赏景游乐两相宜 中秋小长假里,上海标志性景点东方明珠推出两个全新的项目,让游玩更有科技感。第一大亮点是对95米“高空过山车”项目进行了升级,戴上VR眼镜,游客将看到一番不一样的风景。还没有进入隧道,乘客们就发出阵阵惊叫,VR眼镜里到底看到了什么?VR过山车以飞跃上海城际高空为主题,将时下热门的VR(虚拟现实)技术与传统过山车相结合,突破视觉和感官局限,为游客带来了全新的震撼体验,今天提前试玩的游客直呼过瘾。传统的过山车,游客看到就是轨道,主要的体验就是快。而戴上VR眼镜后,游客仿佛置身天际,在陆家嘴楼宇间穿梭,除了风驰电掣之外,增添了更多的精彩和刺激。游客形容,就是在空中翱翔的感觉。世界完全很开阔的感觉,超爽的!还有人觉得传统的没什么感觉的,戴上眼镜以后感觉很不一样,就在飞。体验过一轮的游客说第一遍还不是很害怕,第二遍简直就是太高了,视觉感觉好逼真,好强,都是上海的标志性建筑,感觉挺刺激的。明天起,这一项目将正式对游客开放。此外,9月初推出的"更上.海"环动多媒体秀也是新的拳头项目,在近20分钟的参观过程内,将高科技与视觉艺术跨界组合,体验者沉浸在巨幅环幕中,畅想未来城市的模样。游客感觉这个项目很有想象力,对未来有一种期望。因为这个项目,对未来的世界有一定的了解,这个项目在制作方面比较精致。东方明珠希望通过一系列新项目的推出,给游客更精彩的体验,总经理助理王晓莉:“我们这几年打造的包括78米环幕多媒体秀、包括高空VR过山车项目,其实是要跟市民和游客做一个更好的沟通,告诉大家东方明珠不仅仅是一个登高观光的景点,还是有很多丰富多彩的内容”。》》》大申今日推荐:申城上午仍大到暴雨 “马勒卡”明天至下周一袭来请3天假拼8天行程 有游客提前开启长假旅行市民买保时捷合同型号与现车不符 公司说没区别上海飞悉尼航班被曝起飞后发生特情 目前已降落上海两个月大的熊猫宝宝“花生”出来见游客啦》》》一周图片精选:她用肉体成全独一无二的美 上海:东方明珠披上"国旗红"为吴敏霞祝福 (此视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: