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The Philippines Supreme Court ruling allowed Marcos was buried in the cemetery of heroes – Sohu news news agency, Manila (reporter Zhang Ming) in November 8, the Philippines Supreme Court ruled 8 to allow the former Philippine President Ferdinand? Marcos’s body was buried in the cemetery of heroes. Marcos has served as president of Philippines since 1965, through various means to continue to hold power for more than 20 years, as controversial. In 1986 Marcos was overthrown and exiled to the United States, 1989 in the local. His remains were returned to Philippines in 1992 after the preservation in the crystal coffin, his family and supporters have been hoping to put the hero was buried in the cemetery, but has been facing strong opposition. President Duthel Te of Philippines at the end of June this year after taking office and arranging the position to allow Marcos to hero burial cemetery, many opposition groups then submit the complaint to the Supreme Court, relevant measures to prevent Duthel Te’s request. On November 8th, the Supreme Court of Philippines rejected the appeal of the opposition group with 9 votes against and 5 votes in favor. The Philippine Supreme Court ruled that, Philippine President Duthel Te Marcos is not allowed in the burial of abuse of power in the heroes cemetery, there is no legal prohibition of the body of Marcos was buried in the cemetery of heroes. Marcos ruled that the former president, former senator, former Secretary of defense, veterans and heroes medal, assigned to a qualified in the cemetery of heroes cemetery. According to the Philippine Supreme Court ruling, the presidential palace in Philippines said, hope that the relevant decision to appease Marcos remains buried a controversy, and stressed that the Supreme Court is the final decision of all legal issues ". Philippine President’s chief legal adviser Panello said the Philippine Supreme Court ruled that the relevant laws and regulations permit Marcos was buried in the cemetery of heroes, "I hope this ruling will let the opposition subsided, the country is facing many more pressing problems, this is across this question to the time forward". Philippines House Speaker Alvarez urged the public to respect the Supreme Court ruling, urged both supporters and opponents of restraint. Marcos’s son, former senator Pepo Marcos issued a statement on the same day to the Supreme Court and President Duthel Te thanked the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the rule of law. The daughter of Marcos, northern Ilocos province governor Amy? Marcos said the family just seek to let Marcos get the funeral of ordinary soldiers, not to hold a state funeral for the. And Duthel Te belong to the different factions of the Philippine vice president Lenny? Robredo issued a statement accusing the Philippine Supreme Court ruling. Author: Zhang Ming相关的主题文章: