The president of Kazakhstan suggests that people face devaluation forget the

The president of Kazakhstan proposed that the nation face devaluation: forget the dollar, facing the devaluation of the local currency, Kazakhstan seems to have nothing to do, only adopt the ostrich policy". A record low in Kazakhstan on the tenge fell to $after Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev at the meeting recommended, forget the dollar this thing, because we live on the tenge. According to Bloomberg News reported on Friday, Nazarbayev in the leadership of the ruling party video conference said: "we have to stop, breathe, forget the dollars, we rely on the tenge life." He also said that he made a special trip to the capital of the minority market this month, check the price of food, found the situation and different currencies, beef, horse meat, pasta, milk and butter all over the same period last year at a low price, the price of bread fell flat, lemon is the price, but we can live without a lemon." Kazakhstan is a former Soviet Republic of China among the second largest energy producer, the oil industry is an important pillar of Kazakhstan’s economy in recent years, international oil prices fell again and again, the country’s economy was hit, oil prices fell significantly tenge exchange rate pressure. Since the last 8 months to give up to the dollar, the Kazakh tenge devaluation of more than 50%. Last December, its domestic inflation rate rose by 13.6%, a record high since the financial crisis in 2008. Last October, Nazarbayev warned, "the real crisis is approaching." Last August the central bank China to record to significantly lower the central parity of RMB devaluation, causing greater tenge devaluation pressure. 20 month, Kazakhstan announced the abolition of restrictions on the range of exchange rate fluctuations from that day onwards, the floating exchange rate, the dollar plummeted to 30% tenge, the next day they plunged 23%. 21 this month, tenge against the U.S. dollar fell to a record of 385.25:1, while in the last year to give up the day before the exchange rate against the dollar was 188 tenge. Wall Street information last month mentioned that, in addition to allowing the exchange rate to float freely, the Central Bank of Kazakhstan last year has continued intervention in the exchange market, in September and October last year, each invested 5 billion U.S. dollars to support the local currency. Until the end of last year in 11, when the newly appointed governor of the Central Bank of Kazakhstan made it clear that the government should no longer spend money to intervene in the exchange rate, he criticized the central bank has "system defects."". Last month, the Central Bank of Kazakhstan said that if oil prices fell below $30 a barrel, the possibility of further devaluation of the currency would not be ruled out. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

哈萨克斯坦总统提议国民面对贬值:忘了美元吧   面对本币大贬值,哈萨克斯坦似乎已经无计可施,只有采用“鸵鸟政策”。在哈萨克斯坦坚戈对美元跌至创纪录低位后,哈萨克斯坦总统Nursultan Nazarbayev在会上建议国民,忘了美元这回事,因为我们靠坚戈生活。   据彭博新闻社报道,本周五,Nazarbayev在其领导的执政党电视会议上说:“我们停下来,深呼吸,忘了美元吧,我们是靠坚戈生活的。”他还说,本月他专程前往首都少数市场,查看食品价格,发现形势和汇市截然不同,牛肉、马肉、意粉、牛奶和黄油都比去年同期售价低,面包售价持平,柠檬倒是涨价了,“可我们没有柠檬也能活。”   哈萨克斯坦是前苏联加盟共和国之中第二大能源生产国,石油相关产业是哈萨克斯坦经济的重要支柱,近两年国际油价连连下挫,该国经济备受打击,油价大跌也明显施压坚戈汇率。自去年8月放弃与美元挂钩以来,哈萨克斯坦坚戈贬值逾50%。去年12月其国内通胀率同比上升13.6%,创2008年金融危机以来新高。去年10月Nazarbayev警告,“真正的危机将至。”   去年8月中国央行以创纪录幅度下调人民币中间价,引发人民币贬值,坚戈承受更大贬值压力。当月20日,哈萨克斯坦宣布从当天起取消汇率波动区间限制,实行浮动汇率,当日坚戈对美元汇率暴跌30%,次日又猛跌23%。本月21日,坚戈对美元汇率跌至创纪录的385.25:1,而在去年放弃汇率管制前一日,坚戈兑美元为188。   华尔街见闻上月文章提到,除了让汇率自由浮动,哈萨克斯坦央行去年还曾持续干预汇市,去年9月和10月就各投入了50亿美元支持本币。直到去年11月末,当时刚上任的哈萨克斯坦央行行长才明确表示,政府不应再斥资干预汇率,他批评央行有“制度缺陷”。   同在上月,哈萨克斯坦央行表示,若油价跌破每桶30美元,不排除本币进一步贬值的可能。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: