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The procuratorial Daily: "super fish" incident accountability not trivialize – Sohu police language is not standardized and smoke in the process of mediation behavior. Every public opinion event, properly handled, is a powerful boost to the credibility of the law enforcement agencies and the government. Improper handling is a aggravating injury to the credibility. The special investigation group of Heilongjiang city of Harbin province Songbei "super fish" event has completed the investigation on related issues, that is serious adverse events against the interests of consumers, to revoke the business license, the hotel involved decided to the owner of a fine of 500 thousand yuan punishment, the relevant departments responsible for starting and staff accountability procedure when (February 22nd "people’s Daily"). Some hotels have been investigated and the responsible persons of relevant departments have been asked to pay the price they should pay". It was a meal, and it turned out to be a public opinion event. From the initial investigation of "legitimate operation" until the intervention of the municipal government, finally identified as "serious violations of the rights and interests of consumers" adverse events". Now the basic facts have been investigated clearly, and then the reflection is essential: first, why hastily release preliminary investigation results? Common sense, most tourists to travel abroad will avoid the possibility of trouble, with their wives and children snack King meal is not big, but the business fraud tourists It is often seen.. Seeing the original local unilateral evidence to identify the hotel "legitimate operation", the author expressed doubts and commented on "looking forward to further investigation."". "Catering service license" expired not expired check at a glance, playing not hit video to see the facts clearly, as long as some verification, investigation team can get to the bottom. Why is it that even if these basic facts are not verified, the investigation results are hastily published? It turned out to be counterproductive. Two, what is the damage to the credibility? As the Harbin municipal government believes, "damage the image of the city of Harbin, exposed the lack of supervision of the relevant departments, work is not in-depth and the law enforcement is not standardized and so on."". Some netizens even said, "go to Harbin still dare to eat fish?"" Although it is a joke, but is reflected in the credibility of the injury. Every public opinion event, properly handled, is a powerful boost to the credibility of the law enforcement agencies and the government. Improper handling is a aggravating injury to the credibility. With the development of information communication, public opinion can be won only if it is honestly, seriously and without fantasy. It can only be self discredit. Three, who will learn from the "high price fish"? "The price of shrimp has seriously affected the image of" friendly Shandong "," super fish "to enjoy the reputation of Harbin city" one disaster after another". To stop the emergence of the next "high price", we can not be "bystanders"". Market supervision departments should actively serve as a "Guardian", businesses should be law-abiding business integrity, otherwise no one day will not repeat astronomical events. At the same time, we should also remind consumers to pay attention to retaining evidence and safeguarding rights according to law when facing disputes. At present, the incident "ended", but has not yet settled, one is related to how the behavior of public officials accountability, a good time to restore the credibility of the process itself is not big, small.

检察日报:“天价鱼”事件问责切莫大事化小-搜狐评论   警察在调解过程中有语言不规范和抽烟的行为。每一次舆情事件,处理得当是对执法部门和政府公信力的有力提升,处理不当则是对公信力的加重伤害。   黑龙江省哈尔滨市松北区“天价鱼” 事件专项调查组已完成对相关问题的调查,认定这是一起严重侵害消费者权益的恶劣事件,作出吊销涉事饭店营业执照、对店主罚款50万元等处罚决定,同时启动对相关部门负责人及工作人员的问责程序(2月22日《人民日报》)。   涉事饭店被查处、相关部门负责人被问责都是他们应该付出的“代价”。本来就是一顿饭的事儿,结果弄成一起公共舆情事件。从最初调查的“合法经营”,直到市政府介入最终认定为“严重侵害消费者权益的恶劣事件”。现在基本事实已调查清楚,接下来反思必不可少:   一是缘何仓促草率发布初步调查结果?常理而言,多数游客到外地旅游都会避免惹是生非,带着妻儿老小吃霸王餐的可能性不大,而商家欺诈游客事情屡见不鲜。看到当地最初单方取证认定饭店“合法经营”,笔者就表示怀疑,并发表评论“期待进一步调查”。《餐饮服务许可证》过期没过期一查便知,打没打人录像一看就清楚,这些事实只要稍加核查,调查组就能弄个水落石出。为什么连这些基本事实都没查实就匆忙发布调查结论?结果呢,适得其反。   二是对公信力损害有多大?正如哈尔滨市政府所认为,“损害了哈尔滨城市形象,暴露出有关部门存在监管缺失、工作不深入和执法不规范等问题”。一些网友更表示,“去哈尔滨还敢吃鱼吗?”虽是戏言,但反映出的是对公信力的伤害。   每一次舆情事件,处理得当是对执法部门和政府公信力的有力提升,处理不当则是对公信力的加重伤害。在信息传播发达的今天,遇到舆情事件,只有老老实实、认认真真、不抱幻想地公正客观调查处理,才能赢得公众赞誉,反之只能是自我抹黑。   三是谁要从“天价鱼”中吸取教训?“天价虾”严重影响了“好客山东”的形象,“天价鱼”让享有冰城美誉的哈尔滨“雪上加霜”。   杜绝下一个“天价”的出现,我们不能当“旁观者”。市场监管部门要积极充当“守护者”,商家更应守法诚信经营,否则难保天价事件哪一天不会重演。同时,也要提醒消费者遇到纠纷时,注意留存证据、依法维权。   目前,这起事件“暂告一段落”,但尚未尘埃落定,一方面是对相关公职人员的行为如何问责,处理本身就是挽回公信力的好时机,切莫大事化小、小事化了,最后“内部消化”;另一方面是当地要加快建立权责明确、执法有力、行为规范、保障有效的旅游市场综合监管机制,从源头上重拳治乱,净化规范旅游市场,再塑冰城新形象。相关的主题文章: