The road to the peak site WeChat drift ppbox

The road to the peak site WeChat drift opportunity finally came! 2016 D1 GRAND PRIX drift Chinese Grand Prix Cup in ShangHai Railway Station will be struck in September 16th and 17 on the hot, full of surprise! "WeChat road" as WeChat automobile first large, became the first new media event organizers official cooperation, are concerned about the "WeChat road" (weixinlukuang) subscription number, you can receive the first exclusive value 380 yuan D1GP drift Grand Prix tickets, free tickets are limited, first come first served fans. D1 GRAND PRIX as the world’s first game at the same time drift, drift into the China ancestor, the first year in early 70s, the body of the "drift" control technology has emerged, from the "road racing group". These "racing" owners drive in the middle of the night on the hill, found each other in the game, the tire slip in bending process, if controlled properly, you can get a faster speed of bending. Then they put the corner called "drift". With the advent of the new century, and the grip tire technology has been rapid development, people began to find everyone began to "snatch driving" than "drift cornering" faster, therefore, "drift" will no longer be improved speed bending technology. But the "drift" and not from a lonely, but has become popular all over the world events. In September 16, 2016 17, the domestic and foreign drift master will gather in Shanghai National Convention Center, budweiser. 13 international top drift driver across the ocean including 2016 D1GP champion Saito Tago and the 2015 D1GP championship, Sichuan, live in Shanghai. The players who will have Chinese home court drift drift first person Zhang Shaohua, and after a round of qualifying all winning players sprint! A showdown between the drift of the war is about to start! There is no chance to visit the scene of friends do not have to regret, concerned about the car to help its public number, WeChat Road (weixinlukuang) can also feel the scene stunt. The number of car care help fans WeChat media matrix now has more than 25 million, since 2012 on the line since WeChat won the "perennial new list list list of 2015 weeks, the annual new list total ranked second only to" people’s Daily "public no.. During the event WeChat road will synchronize related reports, a blood picture will be expansion to graphics, video and other forms of multiple fans show users. A showdown between the drift of the war is "WeChat road" (weixinlukuang) staged: tire and ground friction after surging surging in the air and thick smoke in the nasal cavity, the rapid tire and the road surface in the eardrum sharp is loud, "the truck driving a special soul" sense of the true effect can not stunt officer than! The car engine roar, and tear the ground friction sound, this unique timbre drift, such as direct current pulse stimulation! The car speed forward a sharp, throw in a beautiful arc of 180 degrees from the moment, white smoke will surprise most incisive interpretation.相关的主题文章: