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The rumor expert: instant noodles is not "junk food" bread preservative free U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of the original title: junk food? 32 hours not digested? Experts one by one to get rid of instant noodles rumors in September 9th, convenient food safety and nutrition media communication will be held in beijing. Activities on site. Xinhua Li Jiang photo Xinhua Beijing, September (9) (Shen Mei) lift instant noodles, people will naturally be classified in junk food. About 32 hours of instant noodles carcinogenic, indigestion, toxic and other packaging rumors in recent years is growing more and more, so that consumers smell "face" pale at the same time, but also to the instant noodles industry development has brought great obstacles. In order to guide the public out of the misunderstanding of food safety, eliminate the false rumors, by September 9th, Chinese food rumor alliance and Chinese Institute of food science and technology hosted the "convenience food rumor conference held in Beijing, experts in the field of long time troubled consumers, enduring rumor one by one interpretation of instant noodles. Instant noodles are not junk food? "There is no such thing as junk food, only unhealthy meals, and there is no good or bad food." The national food safety risk assessment and risk communication center deputy director Zhong Kai believes that the natural fresh food is the best, but can not be obtained in fresh food environment, instant noodles is still a good choice, can quickly solve the problem of food and clothing of the people, but also ensure the basic food safety.     usually, people will be food preservatives in junk food as the evaluation standard, the majority of consumers as preservatives in foods as "poison", that food will cause great harm to human health. In this regard, Zhong Kai made it clear that food preservatives harmful is a misunderstanding, its role is to inhibit the breeding of bacteria and other microorganisms, to protect food nutrition and sensory quality. Zhong Kai believes that the current misunderstanding of food preservatives remains in it is used in medicine to save the body of the preservative "formaldehyde" (also called "formalin"), in fact, for medical preservatives and food preservatives is not much contact, food preservative inhibits bacteria, fungus and other organisms breeding. If the food itself does not contain bacteria or mold, there is no need for preservatives, but the use of multiple enterprises to increase production costs. At present, the instant food, such as instant noodles, potato chips and so on, has no need to add preservatives. Is palm oil safe and nutritious? All along, the oil problem of instant noodles is also widely circulated rumors. With rumours of instant noodles in palm oil quality was the worst in the vegetable oil, long-term consumption will cause excessive intake of saturated fatty acids in human serum, resulting in cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein increased, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, is not conducive to human health. Henan University of Technology Food Institute Professor Gu Keren said, palm oil fatty acid is relatively high, there is frying stability, good oxidation stability. The national standard, the acid value of oil fried food is not more than 5%, some of the indicators are far less than the standard. Through the cross experiment 1相关的主题文章: