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The rumor mill, painless childbirth can cause postpartum lumbago? What is the mother and child of the Sohu is usually referred to as painless childbirth " painless childbirth " in medicine called " labor analgesia " also known as epidural labor analgesia. Labor analgesia can make mothers no longer experiencing pain, reduce the fear of childbirth and postpartum tired, let them rest in the first stage of labor for the longest time, when I opened the whole palace, because of accumulated physical and have enough strength to complete delivery. The epidural cavity is filled with a spinal cord nerve root latent cavity cavity, in the position of the tube (the epidural tube), which is used for epidural puncture waist to the epidural space after the catheter puncture needle into a small, as labor analgesia administration. Low back pain, is not caused by anesthesia? In the epidural catheter removal after the puncture point, some mothers will have some local dull pain, but like the general vein needle, with tissue repair, usually only last a few days. This kind of pain rarely hurts to the extent of the need for oral analgesics. Postpartum months, or even years of low back pain, often associated with epidural analgesia. Because the epidural analgesia into the needle position is also in the waist, we thought that epidural puncture may be the cause of postpartum lumbago is also natural. The 1 factors leading to postpartum lumbago, pregnancy makes the endocrine system has undergone great changes, in order to make delivery to the fetus was delivered smoothly, pelvic ligaments become loose connection. Coupled with the increase in the number of days of the uterus so that pregnant women’s waist support force gradually increased, leading to sacral ligament laxity, which caused low back pain. 2, after the birth of the endocrine system changes will not soon return to the state before pregnancy, pelvic ligaments in a period of time is still in a relaxed state, abdominal muscles become relatively weak and feeble, soon failed to completely reset the uterus, cause lumbago. 3, pregnant women during the second stage of labor, the special body, pushed a few hours, the fetus, an enormous burden to the waist. In addition to take care of the baby in the mother often bend postpartum, such as bathing, changing diapers, often from the cradle picked up the baby, or discharge of lochia caused by poor pelvic blood sedimentation, are easy to induce waist pain. 4, many new mothers postpartum less activities, always lying or sitting on the bed rest; and increased weight, abdominal fat increased, increased waist muscle load caused by lumbar muscle strain and the incidence of low back pain. 5, postpartum do not pay attention to rest to make physical fatigue, or often long standing, long squat, sedentary or waist tight, can cause lumbar muscle strain, induced pain. 6, often take improper or not to relax the baby to nurse, so that the waist muscles are not in a relaxed state, waist muscle damage. 7, the normal position of the uterus is forward, flexion, if the occurrence of uterine prolapse, will shift downward along the vagina, cause lumbago. In addition, pregnant women are very easy to calcium deficiency, careless living, changes of physiological changes, lumbar disc herniation such as pregnancy position, children in the process of position, have the puerperium.相关的主题文章: