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Marketing A great flyer never fails to amaze and excite the customer. Even several weeks later the customer will remember your brand and what you are offering. If you truly want to stand apart from the competition, it is essential to know a few things about flyer printing. 1.No black and white flyer printing Today if you want to create a winning impression with print media, you will need to use bold and vibrant colors. That means no more of the mundane black and white backgrounds. Instead, make sure your flyer printing has plenty of interesting colors but also make sure they stick to your brand attributes. 2.Glossy paper for that added style in flyer printing If you want to be known as a high end business that is highly professional then your flyer printing needs to use only glossy paper. Matte finish papers used to be fashionable earlier but not any more. Today, the key is to go classy and chic without being over the top. 3.High resolution images for winning flyer printing designs Nothing seems to take away from a flyer more than a scratchy image with bad resolution and quality. Customers tend to notice all these small details. Having poor quality images will make your business seem unprofessional and below average. If you want to truly impress customers then make sure to use high resolution images in your flyer printing efforts. 4.Concise and effective ad copy in your flyer printing Gone are the days when puffery would impress. Todays customers want you to cut to the chase. No one has the time to read pages of text. That is why keeping your advertising copy clear and straightforward is the best approach to effective flyer printing. 5.Dont use too many fonts in your flyer printing Nothing puts off a customer more than a flyer that has several font variations. It affects readability not to mention the fact that it also confuses the customer! Try and always stick to two or maximum three fonts. That way you are highlighting the important points and not making the flyer look cluttered. A good flyer printing provider will always ensure this aspect. 6.Most important: call to action in flyer printing You might have a fantastic flyer that has really impressed customers. However, if you do not have a call to action at the end it just remains a reading material as opposed to a sales pitch. In order to transform that flyer into a sale, you need to lure the customer into either calling or emailing you to enquire about information or a demo. This is one crucial aspect of flyer printing. 7.Always be accessible in your flyer printing efforts If you want your customer to get in touch with you, then make sure to include all your contact details in a clear and legible manner. Right from the website URL to your email, fax and telephone numbers, you should mention all of this as part of your flyer printing campaign. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: