The study says catfish in the Australian River prey on mice climate change or threats to biodiversit

Study says Australia River catfish prey on mice: climate change or threaten biodiversity Sina Technology News Beijing on October 9th news, according to foreign media reports, researchers at the Murdoch University in Australia in Western Australia’s Ashe River Burton caught catfish (Arius berneyi) Bernie Xinhai autopsy found that local rodents in northern Australia channeling in all these catfish in the stomach remains. Bernie Xinhai catfish is widely distributed in the northern territory of Australia, mainly in crustacean animal and plant and a variety of insects. The mouse in the catfish recipe is amazing. Are they too close to the bank? Or are they washed into the river in the flood? Scientists are not sure, and that the two possibilities are very small. "These catfish may to change food structure according to the existing situation," researcher Aileen · Kelly (Erin Kelly) said in a statement, "in previous reports, this mouse species will be out of the cave system in deep mining in the river sand. If the mouse hole is water intrusion and collapse into the river, the catfish may opportunity predator." Two species are nocturnal, there may be a catfish initiative to the river bank to hunt mice, "Kelly added. It is not uncommon for fish to prey on mammals and birds. The record shows that, Alaska rainbow trout prey shrew, and catfish also captured prey near dove. However, the scientists in this study are the first time in Australia to see catfish eat so many mammals. They want to know more about the changes in the food web on land and in the water, especially in warmer areas in australia. The more knowledge of habitat change, the better they can manage and protect. "This point with the Australian climate warming has become more and more important," Kelly said, "climate change pattern and the increasing water demand is likely to disrupt Australia many rivers flow, and threatening the biodiversity. Know Bernie Xinhai whether they can adapt to species such as catfish and adapt to the changing environment, how to succeed, will help us to better protect these creatures." Aileen · the results of the study by et al. Are published in the Journal Environments (Journal of Arid) in the near future. (Ren Tian)相关的主题文章: