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The history of the ten very important motorcycle engine (lower) – Sohu every year in the best car racing engine, the motorcycle? Design on a motorcycle, frame and engine are inseparable, the motorcycle compact lightweight, the weight of the engine for the entire vehicle weight in proportion is not small, therefore the engine is placed before and after weight and affect the vehicle’s center of gravity height, manipulation of these will change the car. Therefore, like a car, in the same car with a variety of different engines, the motorcycle is rarely seen. Return to the motorcycle frame is the foundation, and the engine, it is the soul of the motorcycle, the different engine gives the character of different motorcycle, sometimes even determines a car’s success, or even change a car factory development next. So in the history, and what engine has a pivotal position? The first figure to beside the point, like this motorcycle engine modeling USB Hub, please tell me where to sell Kawasaki Z1 birth date: 1973 maximum horsepower: 82hp / 9000rpm: M / 8.0kg· the maximum torque of 7500rpm engine type: 903cc inline four cylinder DOHC check if the last century the 70s the fastest and most attractive Handmade custom motorcycle, will find that many of them were selected from the Kawasaki Z1 903cc straight four engine, so this machine in the position is self-evident. Maximum horsepower hard to beat 82 horses of the original, while in Z1 shortly after the launch, the experts have found that the modification of this pair of machine modified to more than 100 can maintain excellent durability. As a now Kawasaki Z series family ancestor, birth process Z1 more dramatic, Kawasaki in 1968 this has been preparing to launch 750cc models to challenge the prevailing king, CB750, but they later decided to aim a little higher, then melted down, finally through the displacement increase, the ratio of CB750. Down in performance. When the Kawasaki Z1 production line in addition to a 14 horsepower more than CB750 to h speed reached 210km (I mentioned in the speed of CB750 is 193km h), Z1 engine has low displacement advantage on torque stronger. But compared to its dynamic performance, Z1 frame is relatively backward, such a match, so that Kawasaki has been violent, terrible reputation. But Kawasaki seems to like this image, so people for the violent Kawasaki impression has continued to date. Honda NSR500 birth date: 1992 maximum horsepower: 144hp ~ 200HP above the maximum torque: unknown type: two stroke engine 499cc 90 V type four cylinder (later renamed 112) Honda NSR500 is one of the most successful legendary chariot racing game GP500, from 1984 to.相关的主题文章: