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Travel-and-Leisure .bining Different Cultures at De Pijp, Amsterdam Although not as famous to tourists because of its reputation as being a working class neighborhood, De Pijp is one of the great neighborhoods to visit in Amsterdam, particularly if you want to see a blend of local and foreign culture so seamlessly .bined in one setting. De Pijp is considered a melting pot of many nationalities and it widely shows in the several restaurants that offer a fusion of flavors. Theres the Albert Cuyp Market, which is the biggest outdoor market in .herlands selling all types of brick-a-brack at affordable rates such as flowers and alternative medicine. The Market is open from Mondays to Saturdays starting at 9: 00 AM to 6: 00 PM. There are also different restaurants that fuse different flavors to make one unique dish such as Mamouches North African dishes with a Western European twist or Bazar which has Arabian influence paired with North African flavor. Dont forget to shop around the small, quaint shops too as De Pijp is an artists town, and will surely surprise you at every turn. Touring the Cheese Capital of Holland from Amsterdam Alkmaar is an ideal place to spend a day tour in as its only a few kilometers off of Amsterdam proper. Alkmaar is considered as the cheese capital of Holland and it has so many interesting sights to take in, apt for a day tour for more adventurous tourists. Different museums are found in this city of canals such as a Beatles Museum since John Lennons first guitar was made in this city, the National Beer Museum, City Museum of Alkmaar and of course, the Holland Cheese Museum. The cheese market in Waagplein has garnered in most of the visitors in Alkmaar, being its most popular attraction. And its only open from April to September, when the cheeses undergo a weighing ceremony to the delight of the crowds, so its best to plan a trip in those conditions. The buying isnt actually set in the market though although you can buy different kinds of specialized cheeses in the surrounding stalls after the ceremony. There are also many unique boutiques, shops and cafes which arent found in the more tourist-laden gift shops of Amsterdam. And after hanging out in their cafes, spend more time lazing the day away in their many huge terraces for some insightful people-watching. What you can discover in Amsterdams Centrum Everything Amsterdam has to offer is encapsulated in its Centrum. For one, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is situated there, one of the four palaces which is used by Queen Beatrix of .herlands. The palace is again open to visitors since early last year, so one can visit the central hall where loyalty constantly walks. Theres also Bloemenmarky, the worlds only floating market which sells mostly flowers. Souvenirs are also sold in the same market for those who want something unique to take home at affordable deals. For artists and enthusiasts, make a visit to the Van Gogh Museum where the largest collection of his works is found. Aside from the main museum, Centrum also has many museums hidden in its canals, small museums which are kept by private residences and other small .anizations also worth the visit. Prisengracht 263 where famous child diarist Anne Frank once lived with her family should also be visited. A myriad of shops and restaurants are also strewn all over the place so one can relax after a tiring day going about Centrum. Wine Courses and Workshops at the Amsteltuin Vineyard For those who want a day excursion in the country, escaping to the town next to Amsterdam, Amstelveen is a wonderful way to escape the busy lifestyle of the village. There you can find the only Dutch vineyard near Amsterdam, the Amsteltuin vineyard, which gives out courses and workshops about wine. Request for a group tour in advance in order to see the full capacity of the vineyard. The grapes in the vineyard are still under experimentation as of now, conceptualizing which wine is best made with the grapes, so wine tasting sessions will have to be under special request. During more pleasant weather, a buffet or barbecue can also be done for you. In the meantime, one can just sit back and relax on the different open patios and terraces with a wine in hand and the vineyard as the picturesque backdrop. The Vineyard is also used as a care centre for the disabled. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: