The traffic police to drink water and bread as heat transfer distressed users no longer Luantingluan footman

The traffic police to drink water and bread as heat transfer distressed users: no longer Luantingluanfang police to drink water and bread as heat transfer recently, a traffic police against the cold water and bread photos in Suqian city of Jiangsu province WeChat circle of friends for heat transfer. 18, the reporter learned from the Suqian police, shot from the 17 evening 8 o’clock, about 6:30 in the morning when the traffic police road duty, to at 9 o’clock, hungry to hide in eating the bread, by passing people shooting and upload. "Come out for a walk, saw the police brother bread and drink cold water under the tree, you have what reason Luantingluanfang? Create a civilized city, not a city of pride, is the pride of people, civilization in the heart! To adhere to the position of the police point praise." Originally uploaded photos of Mr. Yang Suqian people in the circle of friends so described. This WeChat quickly aroused public concern in Suqian, and have forwarded and point praise. 18 PM, in the photo of the police, the Suqian Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment two Brigade squadron Shi Yichuan told reporters that he was too hungry, afraid to see also specifically looking for a shady tree to hide, did not think of a walk to the public to take photos of yourself to see. "Just received a lot of friends and colleagues to call and ask me what is going on? In fact, is a very normal thing." Is on duty on the floor to say, a careless oneself unexpectedly became a net red". The reporter learned that, recently, Suqian efforts to promote civilized city, to further standardize the urban roads surrounding parking order, police carried out to investigate the illegally parked vehicles as the main content of the "operation cyclone", Shi Yichuan day at 6:30 in the morning to go out on duty, until noon 12 points back to the brigade hastily ate some lunch, then immediately return to work. At 8 o’clock, the stomach is growling Yichuan applied to the roadside small supermarket to buy some bread and mineral water, hiding in a tree after a cold water eating bread. "At 7 o’clock in the morning when I come to work to see him in correcting the car, the car battery Luantingluanfang, until the evening do not work," ban Yao community security Mr. Cui said, see him against the cold water and bread, I quickly handed him the trunk in the water, he did not want. The police is too hard, I went out to see him hiding under a tree to eat bread, was moved, took up the phone to take a photo, then sent to the circle of friends." Photo photographer Mr. Yang said. Author: Liu Lin相关的主题文章: