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The United States is "unique" walled card case   through tears viruses – Shanghai channel — original title: the "unique" Zika virus infection cases through tears in mid July this year, the United States of Utah, a case report of infection of unknown "unique" Zika disease cases. After two months of investigation, the researchers in the United States, the patient may be infected in the care of Zika virus’s father, due to exposure to my father’s tears and sweat or infection. The virus is mainly spread through mosquito bites, but also a few people through sexual transmission. And the unique feature of this patient is infected, he did not have any known risk factors, which have not been Zika epidemic in the region, there is no Zika virus infection and sex, the only problem is that he has been taking care of patients with prostate cancer after infection, Zika virus father. The latter is the first person to die in the u.s.. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention previously released a survey showed that the patient had had close contact with his father hugged and kissed. Researchers at the University of Utah study published in the new issue of the United States "new England Journal of medicine revealed more details: the patient’s father is 73 years old this year, 2003 from Mexico immigrants to the United States, in the infected before Zika popular in southwest coastal region of Mexico spent 3 weeks after returning to the United States appear symptoms and Zhai card hospital treatment. His son is 38 years old, in good health, to visit his father when he was not wearing gloves for the father to wipe the tears, and help the nurse to help his father in bed turning of the body, but no contact with his father’s blood or other body fluids. The study attempts to address two questions, one is why the infection of the virus will lead to the death of the father. The researchers say, Zika virus lethal situation is extremely rare, death is mainly composed of Zika virus Green Barre syndrome may lead to lead, and the world so far a total report of 9 cases with this disease of the nervous system is independent of the Zika deaths. They speculated that the death of the body and the 73 year old viruses were more than 100 thousand times higher, and the reason why a lot of Zika virus replication in the body, may be related to his cancer physical weakness. Two is the son from his father infected with the virus? The researchers believe that the route of infection should be my father’s tears or sweat, tears and sweat are infectious or Zika virus, but also because the amount of virus inside the high. Shake hands with ordinary card patients, there is no risk of infection. Previous experiments have shown that the animal can live in the eyes of adult mice, and may spread through tears, but it has not yet been determined that humans will be infected by the virus in this way. (reporter Lin Xiaochun) (Yan, Zhao Xuan far commissioning editor: strong)相关的主题文章: